Marriage rulings: Wake up and smell the coffee, America


As we sit back and consider the recent rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court on marriage, we should keep in mind these words spoken by Jesus just prior to His passion and death: “In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have overcome the world.”

Joyce Coronel is a regular contributor to The Catholic Sun and author of “A Martyr’s Crown.” Opinions expressed are the writers' and not necessarily the views of The Catholic Sun or the Diocese of Phoenix.
Joyce Coronel is a regular contributor to The Catholic Sun and author of “A Martyr’s Crown.” Opinions expressed are the writers’ and not necessarily the views of The Catholic Sun or the Diocese of Phoenix.

Now is not the time for hand wringing and despair. It is time for conversion of heart and fervent prayer that all may come to know the true freedom and love to be found in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

It’s also time to take a sober look at where we are in American culture and how we got here.

Even with many Americans still professing faith in God (sort of) we are clearly in a post-Christian era that finds its roots in the so-called sexual revolution and drug culture of the 1960s that embraced contraception, abortion and “free love.”

Curiously, the free love movement actually began in the 19th century and was a concerted effort to abolish marriage as an institution. Birth control, abortion and eugenics advocate Margaret Sanger, for example, was a leading free love proponent.

The heirs of the free love movement changed tactics during the last 20 years and began to advocate same-sex marriage. What happened to all those people who kept insisting that they didn’t need a piece of paper from the government approving of their union?

If I were to hazard a guess, I’d say that same-sex marriage is not their end game. It’s really more about redefining the family and rejecting our Judeo-Christian heritage. And just look at how wily our enemy is in helping them twist words. The term “free love” sounds wonderful, but in reality, the movement has led to the precise opposite.

God made us for freedom so that we could freely choose to love Him and love others. That same gift of freedom also allows us to reject Him and experience the consequences.

It’s like I tell students in my catechism class: God gave us His Ten Commandments because He loves us and wants us to live in freedom.  It is in humble surrender to God and His ways that we find true freedom and love.

Perhaps this is why the First Commandment teaches us to let God be God. When we make ourselves god and try to invent our own moral code we are doomed to failure — at least until we wake up and realize that we are not, in fact, God.  I hope that America wakes up soon.

Downhill fast

Under the guise of privacy, the pursuit of happiness and freedom of expression, we’ve watched as millions of families have disintegrated. We’ve killed tens of millions of unborn children. We’ve allowed pornography to enslave and destroy. We’ve poisoned ourselves with corrupt entertainment and turned a blind eye to sexual immorality.

As one priest lamented to me, we’ve got an epidemic of sin on our hands, only no one’s calling it that.

And just as in the Garden of Eden when our first parents rebelled against God, there will be consequences. Some of them will be unintended.

Like Adam and Eve, our intentions are good. We want everyone to be happy. This is a Culture of Me where the Gospel According to Me dictates that whatever makes me feel happy is the ultimate good. This is not rational. Emotions were given to us by God, but we must ultimately be guided by reason. How to reestablish this principle in a society whose motto seems to be “Follow your heart and to hell with the consequences”?

Answer: by living, breathing examples of sacrificial love, true love that makes a complete gift of self. This is what we are called to be.

As we look around, it’s plain to see that America has many false gods. Millions of our fellow citizens — even Catholics — no longer accept the definition of marriage as it’s been known for millennia. Rather than consider what is best for children, our society has put the selfish desires of adults ahead of the wellbeing of its youngest members.

A nation that sacrifices its children at the altar of personal happiness is a nation that will reap a harvest of trouble. Here’s your wakeup call, America. Return to God.


  1. I strongly disagree on Margaret Sanger being a leader of free love. No such thing, she was a birth control activist that wanted to prevent unsafe abortions done in back alleys to women with too many children that lived in the ghettos. Their babies at home were starving, their husbands had all the rights and laws on their side, and the women were second class citizens and uneducated poor suffering women.

    • Margaret Sanger was America’s Hitler. Seriously -she wanted to control the Black population through abortion and birth control. She believed only the wealthy and well educated should breed. She wasn’t “helping” the suffering women, she was trying to get rid of them. See, in her mind, by making sure the poor and uneducated didn’t breed – that would rid the nation of poor and uneducated people. She was a little crazy, and had she lived today – she would be rejected by society and probably institutionalized.

  2. “I hope that America wakes up soon.” I don’t think America will. There was no continent more Catholic in world history than Europe, and they showed us nothing but blood in the 20th century. In this 21st century there is no faith left in Europe. Sure there are pockets and puddles of devout Catholicsm because “The gates of hell will not prevail” but we must admit…Most people don’t listen to popes and bishops!!! I could go on…God help us…………….Later amigos……………..JO

  3. There were six military campaigns between 1100 and 1300 A.D. The first was when ‘the religion of peace’, (Islam) were slaughtering the Byzantines. They asked for help from the Pope and the Catholics went in to help fellow Christians. Ms. Ortega, before you make hit comments and insult “Old men”…I’ll be 60 in September but I’ll admit I’m not offended, and implying that the ‘Inquisitions’ were bad and using diatribe like, “The church needs to come into the 21st century”, does prove one thing. Most Catholic catechism teachers stink! Here are a couple of articles, and you can find more that explain the real attacks on Christ’s Church that were occurring where the “Old Men”, no really, young men that unlike today were martyrs and died for our Lord. Peace…………….JO


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