‘On Point’ Immigration Solutions with Catholic writer [VIDEO]



Chris Benguhe, a Catholic writer who happens to be one of our columnists, discusses “compassionate immigration reform” for “On Point with Tomi Lahren,” a political talk show on One America News Network. The show bills itself as an even platform for news discussion from all sides of the political spectrum, creating an open and informative dialogue.

Lahren says early in in the clip, “You say ‘compassionate immigration reform’ and you’ve lost me. Say it comes with an English language requirement, state-of-the-art visa tracking system and actual border enforcement, you’ve got my attention.”


  1. Immigration only made this country great because it was white immigration. The Red Indians accomplished almost nothing during the 10,000 years they had custody of this country, and their mixed-race descendants in Mexico won’t do much better. They will bring us down to the level of Mexico. There is no labor shortage in this country. Our rate of unemployment is still over five percent. If you need more workers in a specific sector, raise wages in that sector. Don’t bring sub-minimum wage workers in to be scabs.


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