This Advent message also rightly highlights the upcoming Year of Mercy. Connect with a wealth of Advent resources too.

The special edition stamps are available via the euro and by email to: order.ufn@scv.va. Vatican Observatory stamps are also available.

Between the sounds of holiday classics playing on secular radio stations, red coffee cups and “Charlie Brown” specials, it’s easy for Catholics to forget that not only has the Christmas Season not started yet, nor has the season anticipating it, Advent, which begins Sunday, Nov. 29.

While awaiting basic medical treatment, three Iraqi retirees recalled celebrating everything together before the Islamic State seized control of Qaraqosh in August 2014, driving out some 50,000 Christians.

When we visit a cemetery, there's often substantially more buried there who we don't know than who we do know. As Catholics, we respect the...

Offering a Christian funeral and burial to those who would otherwise never have one is among the corporal works of mercy, but arguably the one least spoken of.

There's a delight in watching "The Good Dinosaur" seamlessly transition from family tale to buddy movie to rip-roaring Western, and then back again, all genre variations that share spectacular backgrounds rendered in photo-realistic fashion.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, and Christmas not far behind, thoughts of gratitude, and giving, are close at heart. For those of modest means, the holidays are also a time to be mindful of their money, to keep within a budget. But, let’s face it, the pressure to spend is sometimes overwhelming.

A growing group of moms is finding solidarity with mothers who expereince the same roller coaster of emotions as their children further discern or live a religious vocation.

The first American citizen to be canonized a saint was an immigrant to our country and her life was dedicated to the care of immigrants. Coming to America, however, wasn’t what Frances Cabrini had in mind when she journeyed from Milan to Rome in AD 1887 to meet with the Successor of Peter. She wanted be a missionary in China. From the time she received the Sacrament of Confirmation at the age of 8 she had dreamed of witnessing to Christ among the Chinese; and that desire had only grown as she discerned her call to Religious Life and took St. Francis Xavier as her patron. But Pope Leo XIII told her, “Go not to the East but to the West — to New York rather than China.” He urged her to follow the large throng of emigrants who were leaving Italy each week for America.


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