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Ambria Hammel, staff writer, began serving The Catholic Sun diocesan newspaper via writing and photography in 2006. For story ideas, email or call (602) 354-2134.

Where God is born, so is hope and peace, with no room for hatred and war, Pope Francis said in his Christmas message.

Despite beginning the Year of Mercy, the Year of Consecrated Life is still being celebrated, so here's a look at recent headlines in honor of the final six weeks or so of the Year of Consecrated Life. Includes a fun test!

Since not every life-changing situation is budgeted for ahead of time, there's a no-cost way for Arizona taxpayers to support local nonprofits that help members of the community who are in crisis.

There are plenty of reasons and people that keep Catholics in fervent prayer, but financing a child’s elementary and high school education shouldn’t be among them.

There’s an inverse relationship between the overnight lows and the workload of staff and volunteers with local Catholic outreaches in Flagstaff, Phoenix and Prescott.

Students at several Catholic schools in the Diocese of Phoenix took to social media to report how they observed the feast day of St....

The final month of the fall semester also marked a new beginning for 20 Catholic women at Northern Arizona University.

When we visit a cemetery, there's often substantially more buried there who we don't know than who we do know. As Catholics, we respect the...

A mini vocation boom of sorts at St. Daniel Parish saw the Carmelite Missionary Sisters of the Child of Jesus convent welcome a novice, a formator and temporarily, a woman in the early stages of discernment.

Alas, the older generation can rightly claim that what they’re hearing is garbage. But they’ll have to distinguish between the physical instruments and the sound coming out of them.


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