Ambria Hammel

Ambria Hammel, staff writer, began serving The Catholic Sun diocesan newspaper via writing and photography in 2006. For story ideas, email or call (602) 354-2134.

The newly confirmed Catholics would receive a strengthening of gifts from the Holy Spirit and the Church would receive a new crop of members fully initiated into the Body of Christ.

Una prueba de la Iglesia Católica universal se pudo escuchar a través de las 16 lenguas que compartieron oraciones, lecturas y canciones durante la Misa de Diversidad Cultural diocesana.

Today’s West Valley fifth-graders could be the first students to attend the newest Catholic high school to open in the Diocese of Phoenix.

Dcn. Patrick Flynn entered eternal life April 30. He was 83 and had just celebrated his 40th anniversary of ordination.

Some 50,000 people witnessed Pope Francis being named an honorary member of the Harlem Globetrotters May 6. One of them was a Mesa Catholic who shook his hand.

Some fascinating tidbits regarding college news and Catholic connections have passed through the newswires lately. #ICYMI, here's a recap.

Proof of a universal Catholic Church could be heard in the 16 languages that shared prayers, readings and songs during the diocesan Cultural Diversity Mass.

Students at Our Lady of Perpetual Help begin every school day with a liturgy, but the one on April 17 was a bit more memorable.

Mother's Day is May 10. Here are ideas on how to honor her.

Catholic education is a bit of a family business at St. Catherine of Siena.


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