Janet LaPlante

Janet LaPlante graduated from the University of San Diego, while it was still known as the Sacred Heart College for Women and the Diocesan College for Men. She wrote a column “Joy from Janet” for her community paper for seven years and her book, “My Children’s Children,” will be published in 2014. She has held many offices, including President of the Phoenix Diocesan Council of Catholic Women. She and her husband of 26 years have four children and sixth grandchildren. Janet’s writing focuses on life experiences and how they enable us to grow in our spirituality. Opinions expressed are the writer’s and not necessarily the views of The Catholic Sun or the Diocese of Phoenix.


This is your week, Lord, when You gave us your Body and Blood, were betrayed, suffered and died for us. How can I really live through another Holy Week without giving myself all to You?


I found myself waiting for Lent to begin on Ash Wednesday. I’ve been looking forward to this period of relationship with Jesus. I know what is coming for Him in His passion and death and I want to be there beside Him.


Those who know me today see me as an outspoken pro-life advocate. I have lost friends after discussions about how we can’t kill a living human baby, alive since conception in a woman’s body.


Today the Savior of the World is born. Often during the consecration at mass, I say to myself, “Here You are Lord. You have come to be with me and protect me. You died for me that I might live.”


It is significant, perhaps even providential that the committee of the Arizona Rosary Celebration chose months ago to honor Our Lady of Fatima at this yearly event.


Following the Saturday 5 p.m. Mass, St. Paul's Chapel will be open and available for prayer until 10 p.m. There will be a special prayer environment set up in the Chapel during this time which focuses on non-violence and the Culture of Life.


My family has experienced the normal flow of wonderful celebrations, changes in direction, disappointments and joys, as I imagine most families do. During the times of stress, illness or death, I share more of myself with others and seek their prayers.


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