Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted

The Most Rev. Thomas J. Olmsted is the bishop of the Diocese of Phoenix. He was installed as the fourth bishop of Phoenix on Dec. 20, 2003, and is the spiritual leader of the diocese's Catholics.

Five hundred years ago, in AD 1515, a man was born whom the world would come to know as the Apostle of Rome and one of the Church’s funniest saints.

Hace quinientos años, en el año 1515, nació un hombre que el mundo llegaría a conocer como el apóstol de Roma y uno de los más divertidos santos de la Iglesia.

Fourth in a series She was a Dominican but not a religious. She held no leadership position in the Church or society but was one...

Era una dominica pero no una hermana religiosa. No tenía ninguna posición de liderazgo en la Iglesia o la sociedad, pero fue una de las personas más influyentes del siglo XIV.

Read Bishop Olmsted's homily from Palm Sunday Mass.

From the time she was a child, Katharine devoted her heart and soul, her creative mind and strong determination, to serving those who were hungry and disenfranchised.

Desde su niñez, Catalina dedicó su alma y corazón, su mente creativa y firme determinación, para servir aquellos que estaban hambrientos y privados de sus derechos.

Los gemelos experimentan la vida de una manera diferente. A partir del primer momento de su existencia en la matriz de su madre, están juntos.

Twins Scholastica and Benedict, each in their own way and yet also together, have made such a great impact on consecrated life in the Church.

She lived on Wall Street in New York, the daughter of a wealthy Anglican couple, the wife of a prominent businessman, the mother of five children; she was well educated, vivacious, talented in music and horsemanship, fluent in English and French, and well known in the high cultural circles of New York. Who could have guessed what would happen to her at the age of 31?


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