Gina Keating

Gina Keating is a regular contributor to The Catholic Sun.

All matters of great importance should first be discerned on the knees. The diaconate is the first of three ranks in ordained ministry, and the priesthood is the second. Both require years of formation and discernment, a process aided by support from the annual Charity and Development Appeal.

The Easter season ushers in renewed joy and grace made particularly evident through the sacrament of Confirmation.

Una invitación del Santo Padre llama a los católicos a través del mundo a descubrir la misericordia de Dios y a ofrecer el perdón a los demás.

An invitation by the Holy Father invites Catholics around the globe to discover God’s mercy and extend forgiveness to others, especially March 4-5.

“It’s a cycle I’ve seen all my life with my mom — a vicious cycle — and I’m trying to break it,” said a survivor of domestic violence now safely staying at a CDA-funded shelter.

Lent exists for the sake of Easter; a 40-day pilgrimage where the faithful remember, celebrate and participate in Christ’s life, death and triumphant resurrection.

The Catholic Church has pondered the handiwork of God’s creation through the lens of a telescope for centuries. Pope Gregory XIII’s involvement to reform the Julian calendar in the 1500s prefigured the Vatican Observatory, one of the oldest astronomical institutions in the world. It was founded by Pope Leo XIII in 1891 with the goal to show the world that the Church supports good science.

Fr. Tom "Tot" O'Dea spent 45 years serving Catholics in the dioceses of Tucson and Phoenix.

Local Catholic high school fixture, Sr. Nancy Perlick, RSM, known for her quiet competence on and off the field, died Dec. 11. She was 71.

A native Phoenixian, family man devoted to the corporal works of mercy and member of the Phoenix Diocese's first ordained class of deacons, died Nov. 22.


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