Gina Keating

Gina Keating is a regular contributor to The Catholic Sun.

El largo camino hacia la ordenación es un arduo viaje de formación para un hombre que escucha la llamada a las sagradas órdenes.

The financial blow to the families of men discerning priesthood — some $35,000-$45,000 per year for seminary education, food, housing and insurance — could be insurmountable over the next six to nine years if not for the annual Charity and Development Appeal.

The Year of Consecrated Life proclaimed by Pope Francis in November has reached its halfway, igniting a ground-swell of interest and support along the way.

Cecilia “Cissy” Frakes, an esteemed Catholic educator whose smile was known to light up the darkest room, died May 31. She was 71.

En gran medida, la catequesis sistemática es la responsabilidad de las parroquias a través de sus programas de educación religiosa (RE) que enseñan la...

The effort to pass on the teachings of the Catholic Church is supported each year through generous donations to the Charity and Development Appeal.

Una comunidad remota en los confines del noroecste de Arizona recibe asistencia vital por medio de donaciones caritativas.

A remote community in the far reaches of northwestern Arizona receives vital assistance from charitable donations.

Televised liturgies are a ministry of the Church that evangelizes by reaching people unable to be physically present in a worshiping community.

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