Fr. John Muir exhausted his Christmas sweater collection, but he has more saints and memorable characteristics to introduce you to!
Fr. John Muir compares four more Valley coffee shops to four well-known saints — and finally wears the same sweater twice!
Enjoy these video reflections from Fr. John Muir, host of Catholic Breakfast. There will be no countdowns to remember, but there will be comparisons of Valley coffee shops to popular Catholic saints.
It was so uplifting to see these beautiful celebrations!
Clearly, the world has its options for an Advent Calendar: Store-bought, daily email, web/app-based, construction paper chain, DIY with Legos or construction paper strips looped and chained together.
Hear from a Vietnam Army veteran who has been reaching out to veterans without homes since 2008.
The Phoenix celebration is Nov. 9 with others held nationwide throughout the year. Join in body or in spirit.
If you'd like to get your pet blessed, there are several remaining opportunities Oct. 7-8.
Regardless of how long you've been married, or even if you're dating and moving toward marriage, this song should resonate in your heart.
"If I were to die tomorrow, it would be my sincerest hope... that I would be remembered for bringing you closer to Jesus Christ because that is our mission, that is our hope, that is our longing at the core of our faith," Fr. Peter Rossa said.