His departure is in a few hours. Want to follow Pope Francis on his apostolic journey? The Catholic Sun has some suggestions.

We've taken some anecdotal information from the Ordination Class of 2015 report to see what else you have in common — besides the faith — with the nation's newest priests. There are some 595 potential ordinands this year.

Take a look at some of the special moments schools across the Diocese of Phoenix are coordinating for preschoolers, kindergarteners, eighth-graders plus high school and college seniors.

Some fascinating tidbits regarding college news and Catholic connections have passed through the newswires lately. #ICYMI, here's a recap.

The Phoenix-based Harlem Globetrotters stopped at the Vatican today for what could be one of its largest audiences yet in its 90-year history.

Mother's Day is May 10. Here are ideas on how to honor her.

Tonight's premiere of the "Perfect Strangers" documentary on PBS calls to mind similar stories involving Catholics who are living donors and the local priest seeking one.

Get the scoop on special Masses, celebrations and presentations.

If you're looking to get out this weekend, here are a selection of parish and greater Catholic efforts to support.

A mix of movies and televised Masses and other services to carry you through Holy Week and Easter.


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