Enjoy some Christmas messages from our Catholic places of learning plus one parish

Despite beginning the Year of Mercy, the Year of Consecrated Life is still being celebrated, so here's a look at recent headlines in honor of the final six weeks or so of the Year of Consecrated Life. Includes a fun test!


"Firelight," one of Matt Maher's latest songs, was inspired by the experience and legacy of Mother Teresa whose biographical film hits theaters Dec. 4.

A recent local homily tied in #RedCup discussion on social media — the removal of secular Christmas imagery from this year's holiday cup design at Starbucks — to our call to use words and actions of mercy, mutual love and reconciliation.

When we visit a cemetery, there's often substantially more buried there who we don't know than who we do know. As Catholics, we respect the...

JERUSALEM — Tonight as I write these words, I’m about 6,000 miles away from the birthplace of Christianity, but just a few days ago, I was walking in the footsteps of Christ in the Holy Land.

CAPERNAUM — We began our journey today at the foot of Mount Carmel. There's a wonderful church built there over the cave where the prophet Elijah lived. You remember Elijah. He is the one who listened for God's voice but did not hear it in the wind or the fire or the earthquakes. Instead, God spoke to him in a "still small voice."

The first of a series of blogposts from Joyce Coronel as she reports from Israel.

A dozen or so priests and women religious silently kicked it off a bit early on St. Vincent de Paul's main campus.

Bilingual vocations events, bilingual concerts and more.


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