St. Joseph the Worker's Mobile Success Unit is pounding the pavement to help the homeless secure jobs.

Catholic event organizers are taking advantage of perfect weather across the Diocese of Phoenix and first Friday to host a series of options this weekend that celebrate the sacraments — include a deacon ordination — honor members in the community and help the least among us.


In this short clip from Mixed Voces, Bishop Olmsted explains the importance of voting and of being an informed participant in the election process.


Bishop Olmsted, interviewed recently by Mixed Voces, explains the importance of the Día de los Muertos celebration.

Catholics of all ages across the Diocese of Phoenix are celebrating Halloween — the eve of the feast of All Saints Day — and Día de los Muertos. Find out where to wear your costume and see how Catholic schools are marking the occasion.

If you’re discerning ways to get involved in helping your neighbors in big and small ways — whether it’s Oct. 25 or a different day — here are some opportunities to consider.

In 2008, 53-year-old Randy Stroup applied to the state of Oregon for cancer treatment. It was refused, but he was offered legally assisted suicide, which is also legal now in Washington, Montana and Vermont.

There are some things I learned about St. Elizabeth Ann Seton over the years. Somehow, her official patronage, granted in 1977, escaped me. It's a fairly honorable title given her maternal role.

Grant Goodman, a Brophy College Preparatory graduate and one-time parishioner at Corpus Christi in Ahwatukee, is following the lead of St. Francis of Assisi. He joined the Cap Corps and is serving at a U.S. school that focuses on environmental justice and sustainability.

We are two months away from opening the Year for Consecrated Life, so what better time to highlight recent advances of men and women religious with ties to the Diocese of Phoenix.


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