What you may have missed in the #2017CSA photo

The Holy Spirit recently revealed something beautiful about this year's Christian Service Awards photo. Take a closer look at it and you'll agree.

‘Fleece’ Navidad and Advent

Our friends at Catholics Come Home graciously shared this video with us.

Pope’s Advent, Christmas schedule

As you're celebrating Advent, Christmas, New Year's and beyond, so is Pope Francis.

Advent 2016 resources

Connect with Advent resources and Christmas gift ideas for celebrating the seasons. Broken down by age group.

‘Spread love everywhere you go’ — especially on vacation

Whether you travel internationally or domestically, it's possible — and rewarding — to build volunteering into your vacations. Just ask these Catholic school families.

Small-town parish boasts big-time numbers — and finally, a second priest

A parish serving the one-square-mile area that is the Town of Guadalupe is hosting its first priestly ordination today. Friar Villafan, via the OFM.FYI newsletter, gives us an insight into this tiny parish.

Five things kids learn from volunteering as a family

In honor of Make a Difference Day Oct. 22, a Catholic school mom of two and a seasoned traveler shares insights on giving back to the community as a family. It promotes bonding and teaches responsibility and empathy, she writes.

Pet blessing directory

Want your pet blessed? !0 area parishes are hosting a blessing this weekend and at least four are hosting one Oct. 8-9.

Catholics remember JPII’s visit to Arizona

Local Catholics are remembering that moment and sharing related thoughts. We also linked to JPII's full address at each stop.

The value of grandparents

One young man told his grandpa on his deathbed how vital he was in his life and we see the role two grandmothers play not just in family life, but for a school full of children.