‘Together’ campaign effort refreshed parishes, strengthened ministries in name of evangelization

The current number of pledges and total pledge value are in, but the true impact the funds will have on eight key areas including direct parish support, Newman Centers, Catholic education, seminarian support and a Francis Mercy Fund will be harder to quantify.

Residents fear what may come next after quakes, archbishop says

There have only been two confirmed deaths, but a series of earthquakes in a two-week span has people sleeping outside and unsure of their next meal.

Haiti earthquake: life a decade later

A check in with people/organizations on what Haitian life is like 10 years later.

Flu factor: Dioceses take steps to prevent virus from spreading

The steps outlined by at least three dioceses are designed to minimize contact among the faithful in order to reduce the possibility of transmission of an influenza virus.

Longtime former St. Mary’s principal known for ‘humble service’ dies at 65

She was best known for her 36 years at St. Mary's High School, but she also taught at Most Holy Trinity, St. Theresa and Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Statement on Indictment of Rev. Spaulding

The Diocese of Phoenix learned today that John D. Spaulding, a priest of the Diocese of Phoenix, has been indicted for multiple counts of sexual misconduct with minors.

Iowa priest-photographer surprised by appeal of viral cattle cross image

The inspiration for the photo came from the Gottos' desire to integrate their Catholic faith into their farming, land that has been in the family since 1889.

FOCUS conference closes by challenging attendees to keep ‘flame burning’

The greatest world poverty is not lack of food, clothing or safety, but that people do not know the Father’s love, said Curtis Martin, founder of the Fellowship of Catholic Leadership Students (FOCUS).

Iraqis hope attacks by U.S., Iran will ease and tensions will decrease

The Chaldean archbishop, like those of other religious affiliations, wants foreign troops to stop using their shattered homeland as a battlefield to settle scores.

Life’s trials train Christians to be sensitive to others, pope says

Continuing his talks on the Acts of the Apostles, the pope said even in trial, St. Paul "does not cease to be the guardian of the lives of others and the animator of their hope."