Becky Green decided to become a Catholic and planned to enter at the Easter vigil but was deterred by tragedy. On Holy Thursday, her 55-year-old father, en route to Phoenix for the ceremony, suffered a fatal heart attack.
Bob DeRosa spent more than two decades as a New York City firefighter, rushing into people’s homes at their darkest hour. Since moving to Arizona and joining Holy Spirit parish 22 years ago, he’s found another way to rescue people.
Craig Colson has spent most of the last 20 years inside Catholic churches. It wasn’t always like that though. Growing up he dreaded going to church. Mostly, he said, it was the music he abhorred.
Growing up in Chihuahua, Mexico, Adela Gaxiola longed to go to church, but her father wouldn’t allow it. “When anyone in the family spoke of God, he would get angry,” she said.
Julian Nabozny, owner of five Phoenix-area McDonald’s restaurants, gets up from a booth as a homeless man enters his bustling store on south Central Avenue. The man is carrying a grimy thermos he’s hoping to fill with ice at the soda dispenser.
Alex Vera grew up in St. Joseph, Mo., during the 1940s — a time when European immigrants arrived fleeing World War II. Although she was baptized Catholic by her mother, Vera was actually raised as a Methodist.
Henry Cappello travels to places most people will only see on the news. From the shambles of an earthquake-shattered Haiti to a tsunami-battered Indonesia and the devastation inflicted by Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, Cappello has seen human suffering up close.
A teacher spotted Mike Shanks’ extraordinary artistic ability when the St. Thomas the Apostle parishioner was in eighth grade. “What you have, it’s not normal,” the photography instructor told him.
Tom Perna loves school, but he wasn’t always like that. His blog posts, “Mondays with Mary,” teach Catholics about the Blessed Virgin Mary. A former high school theology teacher, Perna is director of adult evangelization at St. Mary Magdalene Parish...
Nestled at the foot of Camelback Mountain, the Mount Claret Retreat Center stands as oasis of sorts in the midst of a bustling city. Tom McGuire, the new director of the facility, is hoping more and more Catholics will seek God’s presence there.