Nestled at the foot of Camelback Mountain, the Mount Claret Retreat Center stands as oasis of sorts in the midst of a bustling city. Tom McGuire, the new director of the facility, is hoping more and more Catholics will seek God’s presence there.
If you're among the 60,000 people who tune in each Sunday for the live broadcast of the Catholic Mass, you are undoubtedly familiar with "Catholics Matter," the weekly interview program that airs each Sunday following the 9 a.m. Mass.
When you turn onto their quiet street in East Mesa, you can spot the Briseño family’s house right away: it’s the one with the 15-passenger van parked in the driveway.
At 35, Tom Peterson was a cradle Catholic who ran his own ad agency and never missed Mass. “But I lived in that lukewarm area where I could pick and choose,” Peterson said. He was prone to swearing and given to anger, busy running his agency.
Alan Gaxiola works in an aluminum recycling plant in Goodyear to support his wife and three children. He also puts in plenty of hours working for the Church, leading others to faith in Christ. But it wasn’t always that way.
On this edition of Catholics Matter, Fr. Rob Clements welcomes Sherry Boas, Catholic and author of “A Mother’s Bouquet: Rosary Meditations for Moms.” They discuss the vocation of motherhood, as well as her prayer book, which was written specifically...
Just three weeks shy of leaving the country and taking on a new mission in Belize, Kay Allen, director of 1st Way Pregnancy Center, was all fired-up about the clinic’s focus on reaching out to pregnant women. A client she’d hoped would choose life ended her pregnancy instead, giving into fears that she would lose her athletic scholarship.