“In jiu-jitsu, if you give of yourself to make others stronger, you become strong," Melissa Veselovsky said. Being strong in spirit inspires you to give back, she said.
20-year-old Adrián Inclán is among the youngest to publicly answer his bishop's call for men to engage in spiritual battle by stepping into the breach.
Gonzalez spearheads a growing army of 150 volunteers who broke the chains of addiction in their own lives and families and now feed the homeless in downtown Phoenix with similar hope.
Patty Chesebrough gazes inside the darkened church and stares up at a portrait of the late Fr. John Hanley, the priest who showed her God’s mercy in her darkest hour. It was 1990 and Chesebrough’s husband was pressuring her to have an abortion. She called her parish, St. Theresa at the time, and asked to speak with a priest.
"We treated him with love throughout, even when he wasn’t loving back. That sticks. That is the breach and that is the way it works," Tony Rizzo said.
Carolee O’Meara knows what it’s like to be poor. She also knows how it feels to receive mercy. “I’ve always had a heart for the poor,” O’Meara said as she deftly stashed cans of vegetables in food boxes at Paz de Cristo in Mesa. “Being raised in a home where there was poverty and where God was just there all the time leading me, even without the parental guidance, God was just always merciful to keep me close to Him.”
Phoenix was as part of a national five-city tour for Sirius Radio’s Lino Rulli Dec. 10 as he promoted his daily two-hour program “The Catholic Guy.” Rulli, who also serves as personal media advisor to Cardinal Timothy Dolan, has hosted the light-hearted radio show for nine years.
Claretian Father Darrin Merlino was baptized a Catholic but not raised as one. It wasn't until young adulthood that that he nonchalantly prayed, "Whatever Your will is for me, God."
Sr. Maria Silva began working for a car dealership in the Bronx right out of high school. She was working her way through Fordham and studying to be a psychologist, hoping for a lucrative career. Instead, she became the youngest chief financial officer for the dealership at 23. In spite of great financial success, she felt drawn to the religious life.
To help mark the ongoing Year of Consecrated Life, The Catholic Sun is featuring each month members of religious communities who serve the Diocese of Phoenix.