Young man’s sacrifice sparks solidarity with the poor

Anyone who’s ever had the joy of having a houseful of teenage and 20-something males knows what I mean when I say that it’s all about the food. One local teenager stands apart from the crowd.

Cooperation with abortion

In my patient’s opinion, she was well past child-rearing years. Yet she found herself pregnant. Previous talks about her consternation left me worried that she would seek to end her pregnancy.

The first American-born saint: Mother Elizabeth Ann Seton

She lived on Wall Street in New York, the daughter of a wealthy Anglican couple, the wife of a prominent businessman, the mother of five children; she was well educated, vivacious, talented in music and horsemanship, fluent in English and French, and well known in the high cultural circles of New York. Who could have guessed what would happen to her at the age of 31?

Holy Week, Easter provide new beginnings

When you get right down to it, the message of Easter is one of hope. Jesus is victorious over sin and death and offers each of us the gift of new life.

Encounter with love of Christ builds faith

The Latin root of digital actually means “pertaining to the fingers.” God made us and knows we humans have a need to be touched and thereby loved.

‘The Gates of hell are locked on the inside,’ Section One

Hell is one of the least popular of all Christian doctrines. Many people have trouble reconciling the existence of hell with the truth that God is all good and all loving.

The cause of the war on women

My last column allowed there was a war on women, but not being waged by the Catholic Church as alleged. No, the war was...

Inspiration from the comics

“America is in mourning. Deep, deep mourning for a man who inspired millions to, I don’t know, watch a movie, I guess.”

Medjugorje: No verdict yet, but faith, conversions abound

A very generous benefactor found out that after 10 years of writing for the Catholic press, I’d never been to Medjugorje, the site of...

‘Charter’ provides light for dark history of sexual abuse scandal

The sexual abuse of children and young people constitutes an unthinkable crime. This gravely sinful action destroys lives and injures families and communities. It...