Catholic and American? Part three in a series

The Catholic standard for discerning the viability and wisdom of when to assimilate to a culture, or when to resist assimilation, must be the Gospel of Jesus as handed down to us within the Church, and as celebrated in the Sacred Liturgy.

Jesus, the King who sets us free

“¡Viva Cristo Rey!” 86 years ago, November 23, 1927, these words rang forth in Mexico City as a young man was being executed by a firing squad.

El discipulado: Un viaje, no un destino

Marcos el evangelista relata una historia acerca de un hombre ciego llamado Bartimeo curado por Jesús a causa de su fe profesada.

New Evangelization in the Americas – Text of Talk Given by Bishop Olmsted

“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.” These words of Charles Dickens could easily be applied to the present situation that the Church faces in the American continent when she proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ about marriage, family and the culture of life.

La indisolubilidad del matrimonio: El gozo de amar como Dios ama

El matrimonio de 73 años de mi padre y mi madre volvió al punto de partida hace varias semanas cuando mi mamá y el resto de nuestra familia guiamos con amor a mi padre al objetivo de su matrimonio desde el principio: un encuentro misericordioso con nuestro Padre celestial cuando se termina esta vida terrena. La pequeña iglesia donde celebramos la Santa Misa del funeral estaba llena a rebosar con las personas que habían sido tocadas por la verdad, la bondad y la belleza de la unión profundamente amorosa y fructífera, aunque no perfecta, de mis padres.

Edith Stein’s unusual journey of faith

For many good reasons, Edith Stein is remembered and honored today, perhaps none being more significant than her constant quest for truth and love.

Pope Francis’ Game Plan; Part Nine: Seeking Peace in an Age of Terror

Has the Holy Father given up on prayer and negotiations for peace? Or is he signaling the complex nature of peace making?

Pope Francis’ Game Plan; Part Seven: His Vision of Parish Life

Pope Francis' words give us insight into some of his top priorities as the Bishop of Rome. It is worthwhile, then, to look briefly at what he writes about parish life today.

‘Do whatever He tells you’

“Do whatever He tells you” (Jn 2:5). These words of the Mother of God at the Wedding Feast of Cana are like a bright beacon pointing the way to our happiness and the way to the Heart of Christ.

Following Jesus in a skeptical age

Adult converts to the faith like my own father can often tell you an exact time when they heard God’s call to follow Him, and how it brought such wondrous changes for good.