Advent week one: Three Advent traditions to slow you down

Advent, the four-week period preceding Christmas, is a time to slow down as we wait in hopeful expectation for Christ’s coming. It’s a time to take stock of what’s important in our lives, casting away extra commitments and wasted energy we’ve added throughout the year.

Inspiration from the comics

“America is in mourning. Deep, deep mourning for a man who inspired millions to, I don’t know, watch a movie, I guess.”

Giving thanks in all things, even when it doesn’t seem to make sense

It’s that time of year when Americans turn their hearts toward home and prepare for a Thanksgiving feast, one that brings us around the table to celebrate.

Giving thanks for Thanksgiving

I was in the middle of a root canal when I began to think about gratitude.

Holiness is for everyone

In the earliest centuries of the Christian faith, the rite of Baptism with its powerful gestures, words and symbolism had a strong emphasis on conversion, a radical reorientation of one’s whole life away from sin and toward God.

La santidad es para todos

En los primeros siglos de la fe cristiana, el rito del Bautismo con sus gestos, palabras y simbolismo potentes, tenía un fuerte énfasis en la conversión, una reorientación radical de la vida del pecado y hacia Dios.

Just like at Sea of Galilee, Jesus calls us to turn to Him in...

The wind whipped our faces and a steady rain fell as we stood aboard the simple fishing boat that had set sail on the Sea of Galilee.

State of the Campaign for October 2018: Stewardship of Relationship

When we hear the word “stewardship,” our mind can easily think of time, talent and treasure — which are true and important.

Pilgrimage to Italy, St. Paul VI’s birthplace, brings ‘Humanae Vitae’ home

This summer I was blessed with being a part of the USCCB’s delegation at the five-day “‘Humanae Vitae’ Congresso Internazionale — The Fecundity of a Letter From the Future” which was organized for the 50th anniversary of Pope St. Paul VI’s prophetic document, in Brescia, Italy.

La fe proclamada y vivida

Cualquier peregrino que llegue ante de la Basílica de San Pedro en Roma inmediatamente siente una sensación de alegría y majestad, ante las inmensas proporciones y calidad excepcional del arte y la arquitectura.