A lesson from the dimming of a bright star

Once, during a trip to New York City, some friends and I stopped into a restaurant on Seventh Avenue for dinner. I was happily slurping down my pho, a Vietnamese noodle dish, when I heard a familiar voice. The comedian Robin Williams -- Mrs. Doubtfire himself -- was sitting less than 10 feet away, telling hilarious stories to friends gathered around his dinner table.

Celebrating Wedding Anniversaries

The Church has given us a new English translation of her Order of Celebrating Matrimony. This new liturgical document offers us a good opportunity for timely catechesis on the vocation of marriage in the Church and society. Considering this, beginning today, I shall lift up some of the fresh insights and new liturgical practices found in this wonderful new ritual.

A short history of liturgical music

In the first part of this series on sacred music, I described the meaning of sacred music, the music of the Church’s sacred liturgy, as distinct from “religious music.”

Practical Points for Singing the Mass

In the first three parts of this series we have explored the meaning of sacred music, the Church’s role in preserving and fostering it, and its role in evangelizing culture.

Resignation of Cardinal McCarrick reopens wounds, calls us to prayer and fasting

Satan preys upon human weakness and works to undermine the Church from within. He wants nothing more than for you and me to give up all hope.

Young man’s sacrifice sparks solidarity with the poor

Anyone who’s ever had the joy of having a houseful of teenage and 20-something males knows what I mean when I say that it’s all about the food. One local teenager stands apart from the crowd.

Humanae Vitae Redescubierto

“Es preciso redescubrir el mensaje de la Encíclica Humanae Vitae del Beato Pablo VI, la cual hace hincapié en la necesidad de respetar la dignidad de la persona en la valoración moral de los métodos de regulación de la natalidad”. Con estas palabras en su exhortación apostólica Amoris Laetitia, el Papa Francisco nos recuerda que su propia enseñanza sobre el matrimonio y la familia se basa en la enseñanza de sus predecesores papales; en este caso en particular cuando se trata de métodos anticonceptivos y el don de la nueva vida humana, llama la atención a la voz profética del Beato Pablo VI.

Raise your hands in support of vocations

I wanted this month’s edition of the Sun to focus on vocations, because every one of you, I’m sure has a similar story you can share about someone who is living this vocation.

A reformed (and re-formed) College of Cardinals

The recent papal interregnum and conclave underscored the importance of re-forming, and reforming, the College of Cardinals.

Follow Pope Francis to a better world

From the start of his papacy in his first papal address when he called for compassion for the poor and then proceeded to bless all who listened, non Catholics and non-believers as well, Pope Francis extolled the ministry of service to and love for others.