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Contact: Alana Kearns at (602) 354-2138 or akearns@catholicsun.org

Consejero de Pre-necesidad

Cementerios y mortuarios católicos Estamos buscando católicos practicantes que son o desean convertirse en profesionales en el área de ventas, con el entendimiento de que están trabajando dentro de un ministerio de la Iglesia Católica para educar y ayudar a nuestros clientes a conseguir su lugar de descanso final y a prepararse para servicios funerarios futuros. Los clientes por la mayor parte son católicos. Las personas elegibles deben de sentirse cómodas trabajando con los párrocos y feligreses de nuestras parroquias y comunidades. Deben de estar dispuestos y ser capaces de hacer sus propias citas, crear un negocio basado en referencias y trabajar algunas tardes y sábados. Personas bilingues y de habla hispana son bienvenidas. El potencial de ingresos está directamente vinculado a la producción. Los consejeros son elegibles para participar en beneficios médicos, seguro de vida, salud dental, 403b y plan de pension. Favor de enviar su curriculum vitae por correo electrónico a mcannon@dopccm.com. Al llamar por favor pregunten por Michaela a (602) 267-1329.

Pre-Need Counselor

We are seeking practicing Catholics that are or would like to become sales professionals, with the understanding that they are working within a Catholic Church Ministry to educate and assist our clientele to secure their final resting place and prepare for future funeral services. Eligible individuals must be comfortable working with our Pastors and Parishioners within our parish communities. Must be willing and able to make their own appointments, build up a referral business and work some evenings and Saturdays. We welcome Bi-lingual and Spanish speakers. Income earning potential is directly tied to your production. Counselors are eligible to participate in medical, life, dental, 403b and pension plan benefits. Please email your resume too mcannon@dopccm.com. To call please ask for Michaela @ (602) 267-1329.

Part-time Designer and Driver

Scottsdale Flower Shop looking for part-time floral designer, some expereince helpful and part-time independent driver. Email lebouquet06@gmail.com.

Business Opportunity

Faith Based E-commerce business opportunity. Arizona company offering an ownership position. Buy-in ownership. Tim (602)320-9435.


Caregivers Needed Now, one-on-one homecare, full/part-time, flexible schedule, rewarding, benefits, bonuses. Northwest Valley, (480)389-3673.

Chief Financial Officer

The Diocese of Gallup is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Reporting to the Bishop of the Diocese of Gallup, the Chief Financial Officer is a senior-staff level appointment with primary responsibility to manage the business and financial affairs of the Diocese. The position is based at the Diocesan headquarters in Gallup, New Mexico. This position requires an understanding of the organizational, financial and operational structures of the Diocese. For more information or to view the full job description, please visit voiceofthesouthwest.org/job-openings.

Pro-life Clinic Positions

LCWC, A Catholic Pro-life Clinic, is seeking full and part-time: bilingual receptionist, bilingual medical assistant and young adult women for a 3 to 12 month, live-in, service apostolate. For the apostolate position please call Tonya at (602)305-5100. Apply with cover letter and resume to info@lcwcAZ.org or fax (602)870-7697.


Furniture Upholstery And ­Manufacturer. Full-time $20 per hour starting pay. Must have experience and good references. Please fax information to (602)272-9612.

Parish Coordinator

Most Holy Trinity Church of Phoenix is seeking a Coordinator of Children’s Religious Education to lead our Program of Catechetical Formation. Details may be found on the Diocese of Phoenix Website at: http://www.diocesephoenix.org/employment.php.