Catholic Sun guide to #SolarEclipse

It's looking like most of the Phoenix Diocese will experience a 60-something percent viewing of Monday's solar eclipse. The Church nationwide is awaiting it with more joyful hope.

Pope entrusts to Mary victims of disasters, conflict, social tension

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — In a week in which natural disasters, war and racial conflicts dominated the headlines, Pope Francis prayed that Mary would bring peace to a divided world.


University of Mary and Old St. Mary’s: Our past, present and...

In 1878, five intrepid Benedictine sisters traveled to the plains of North Dakota to establish St. Mary’s Academy, which served 21 boarders and 80 students in three tightly packed classrooms their first year.

A Season of Hope and Remembrance

After Easter Sunday, many people believe the commemoration is over until the next year. As Catholics, though, we know this most sacred holy day is just the beginning. Throughout Easter Season, which spans the 50 days from Easter Sunday through Pentecost, we spend our time in joyful celebration of Jesus’ gift of eternal life.

Mass to mark 30 years since JPII’s visit

A single kneeler, commemorative statue, church balcony and plaque remain among the publicly tangible reminders of the saint who traipsed the Valley during a daylong visit 30 years ago.



Novena sanará a las familias: Obispo llama a las familias a...

En un momento cuando las familias están sufriendo por los pecados de aborto, divorcio, abuso, pornografía y otros ataques a la familia, Nuestra Señora de Fátima ofrece un rayo de esperanza a través de su Hijo. El Obispo Thomas J. Olmsted está llamando a todos en la Diócesis de Phoenix para rezar una Novena de 54 días a Nuestra Señora de Fátima.

Católico local escogido como presidente y CEO de ‘UCP National’

Creciendo en el lado Este de Los Ángeles, Armando Contreras nunca soñaba que un día sería presidente de una organización nacional sin ánimo de lucro que sirve a las personas con discapacidades.







Award-winning coffee table book introduces readers to Southwestern saint

Everybody seems to have their own favorite saint; whole professions and vocations have their patron saints, and even some countries have a patron saint that stands out in their history. In the Southwest, we have Junípero Serra, OFM, who founded a total of 10 missions from Baja California to San Francisco.

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