A Christmas clothing drive in Washington helps babies in Bethlehem

WASHINGTON (CNS) — December, when all eyes are on the baby Jesus, the Holy Land Family Hospital of Bethlehem wants others to think about modern-day babies in the city in the West Bank where the Gospel says Christ was born.

Sunday has lost its sense as day of rest, renewal in...

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Just like a plant needs sun and nourishment to survive, every Christian needs the light of Sunday and the sustenance of the Eucharist to truly live, Pope Francis said.


A Time to Remember

When you’ve lost a loved one, memories can cause joy and pain in equal measure. During the holiday season, this can be especially true as we think back upon happy celebrations together while feeling the void the absence of someone dear leaves at this special time of year.

Día de Los Muertos – A Time to Celebrate Life

When you take a closer look at Día de Los Muertos, though, you’ll find that this holiday that seems centered around death is actually a celebration of life.

Cathedral school’s latest upgrade deeply honors Irish heritage

Know any Gaelic? You will if you visit Ss. Simon and Jude's fully renewed campus, which recently finished a good decade of planning and improvements.



Católicos de Phoenix renuevan compromiso para defender la vida

GILBERT — Durante la realización de la 2a. Cena-Gala Pro-vida organizada por la Diócesis de Phoenix, a través de la Oficina de Apoyo al Liderazgo Parroquial Hispano, católicos del Valle del Sol renovaron su compromiso para defender la vida, el matrimonio y la familia, ante ataques provenientes de diversas corrientes que promueven el aborto, el matrimonio entre parejas del mismo sexo, el divorcio y la adopción de niños por parte de homosexuales.

Encontrando al Cristo viviente: Los mileniales buscan relaciones significativas, sensación de...

la Diócesis de Phoenix están sintiendo la sensación de soledad o encontrando relaciones significativas, y no se sienten bienvenidos por la Iglesia, según datos recolectados de una encuesta presentada en el V Encuentro diocesano / Quinto Encuentro.







Life of African-American priest told through play ‘From Slave to Priest’

CHICAGO (CNS) — The life of Fr. Augustus Tolton already reads like a novel and now it is immortalized on stage with the new play “Tolton: From Slave to Priest,” produced by St. Luke Productions from Battle Ground, Washington.

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