Knights of Columbus urges U.S. Catholics to pray novena ahead of...

The Oct. 30-Nov. 7 novena is designed to help U.S. Catholics 'study the proposals well, pray and choose with your conscience,' like Pope Francis said.

University of Mary selected to lead 2017 March for Life Rally...

The university is expecting to shuttle close to 500 students on eight or nine busses to the nation's capitol.


Sharing my Faith

When I was in college, I met a young Catholic woman. Going to Mass became a way to spend another hour with her, so I gladly went. After a few Sundays, though, attending Mass became more than just an opportunity to see my girlfriend.

Encountering and studying the faith as a pilgrim

On a recent pilgrimage with about 30 students to San Xavier Del Bac Mission near Tucson, one of the students remarked “being here on a pilgrimage gives me a new sense of this place.”

The Comfort of Faith

A Ministry of Faith

‘40 Days’of saving lives: ‘Respect Life Month’ focuses peaceful efforts statewide

Thousands of lives spared, 133 abortion workers who quit their jobs and 75 centers that closed their doors forever. The stunning success of the 40 Days for Life movement in the midst of a culture of death has pumped new energy into the movement dedicated to protecting human life from conception to natural death.



Segunda Gala Concierto Católico será estelarizada por famosos cantautores y grupos

Todo se encuentra prácticamente listo para la Segunda Gala Concierto Católico en la tarde del sábado 29 de octubre en el Orpheum Theatre que organiza la Diócesis Católica de Phoenix, a través de la Oficina de Apoyo al Liderazgo Parroquial Hispano.

Segundo Congreso Binacional desarrollará líderes del movimiento pro-vida

Miles de vidas salvadas, 133 trabajadores del aborto que han dejado sus puestos de trabajo y 75 centros que cerraron sus puertas para siempre. El impresionante éxito del esfuerzo de oración 40 Días Para la Vida en medio de una cultura de la muerte ha inyectado nueva energía en el movimiento dedicado a proteger la vida humana desde la concepción hasta la muerte natural.




Bearing wrongs patiently: James Lackey develops young, Black Catholic leaders

James Lackey will be the first to tell you he has not suffered injustice. And yet, as he responds to detailed questions about how he grew up and came to be a leader in the Black Catholic community, it becomes apparent: this is a man who has borne wrongs patiently.




New saint’s book offers insight into what motivated her work

We can still remember the photos and the videos of a woman without fear who went into the poorest places of the poorest and lifted the most downtrodden to a place of dignity.