Hundreds mourn beloved homeless man at funeral for him at Catholic...

Thomas Hooker had endeared himself to the parish and surrounding community with his gentle spirit and daily prayer.

For late actress Florence Henderson, Catholic faith was her foundation

What she would like to say to God: “Thank you. I love you. I hope you’re glad to see me.” And what would she like God to say to her? “Thank you. I love you. I’ve always been glad to see you.”


Partnering for a stronger community at Holy Cross

When you think of great partnerships throughout history, there’s a good chance they have these qualities in common: effective communication, complementary skills and, perhaps most significantly, trust.

Sharing my Faith

When I was in college, I met a young Catholic woman. Going to Mass became a way to spend another hour with her, so I gladly went. After a few Sundays, though, attending Mass became more than just an opportunity to see my girlfriend.

The Indissolubility of Marriage: The Joy of Loving Like God Loves

My mother and father’s 73-year marriage came full circle several weeks ago as Mom and the rest of our family lovingly ushered my father to the goal of their union from the beginning: the merciful encounter with our heavenly Father when this earthly life is done. The little church where we celebrated the funeral Mass was filled to overflowing with those touched by the truth, goodness and beauty of my parents’ deeply loving and fruitful, even if not perfect, union.



Evento anual honra a la Patrona Diocesana

Cuando Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe se apareció al San Juan Diego en 1531, hizo un puente entre dos culturas. Ahora, casi 500 años más tarde, continúa lo mismo como la patrona de la Diócesis de Phoenix.

Ordenan a cinco diáconos permanentes para la Diócesis de Phoenix

Todo se había hecho oficial en los previos dos o tres meses, pero nueve días antes de la ordenación, las Sagradas Órdenes todavía parecían un sueño.




Men in the Breach: Sammy Bryant counsels through a Catholic lens

Sammy Bryant has always felt a call to evangelize and has allowed his faith to guide his work. Having grown up without a father, he’s been motivated even more so to live out his vocation as a husband and father and share that with others.




‘Sun’ correspondent publishes new novel on Middle East persecution

Joyce Coronel has never been to Iraq or Syria, but you couldn’t tell by reading her latest book, “Cry of Nineveh.” Coronel, a longtime reporter for The Catholic Sun, just published her second novel based on the persecution of Christians in the Middle East.