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Archbishop: Irish Catholics’ faith must form basis of new evangelization

DUBLIN (CNS) -- Irish Catholics' deep desire to strengthen their faith must form the basis of a radical new evangelization, said Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid...

New altar, expanded sanctuary bring parishioners at Carefree church more in touch with Christ’s...

Our Lady of Joy is even more of a place of joy now that a comprehensive church renovation is complete.

Catholic liturgies avoid Christmas decorations, carols in Advent

WASHINGTON (CNS) — During the weeks before Christmas, Catholic churches stand out for what they are missing.

Gregorian chant called seminarian to Catholicism

WASHINGTON (CNS) — As Gabe Bouck enters Advent, a season in which Catholics are urged to answer God’s call for conversion, the seminarian is reminded of the melodic voice that inspired him to become Catholic.

Advent beckons with hope, call to repent

We have lots of connections to your favorite resources and symbols you can break out beginning Dec. 3.

Thanksgiving: Faith in action shows gratitude

Herman D. Ray celebrates the unique American holiday of Thanksgiving as his ancestors once did — by thanking the Creator.

After public procession, bishop consecrates Jackson Diocese to Mary

"A mother's love is what I needed," one participant said, "Mary took me by the hand and gently drew me to the bosom of Jesus when I was so far from Him that I couldn't imagine ever being reconciled." The consecration redoubled efforts at reconciliation and discipleship.

Feast day dedication celebrates Casa’s Franciscan heritage

The special Oct. 4 liturgy marked a major milestone in the life of its host, the Franciscan Renewal Center, as a brand-new worship space finally brought every worshipper under one roof.

Roman Missal calls Easter Vigil ‘mother of all vigils’ for a reason

That quote, "mother of all vigils" comes from St. Augustine's Sermon 209, which is pretty old, since the saint died in the year 430.

Newman Centers: NAU ‘Catholic Jacks’ inspire faith

When students enter college, they enjoy the opportunity to seek new experiences, develop new friends, and establish their own values.