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40 Days for Life activists challenged to heal, rather than fight...

Praying in front of an abortion center around the clock for 40 days straight might seem a daunting endeavor, but pro-life leaders from around the world organize the vigils twice each year.

Son’s meeting with birth mother who nearly aborted him made into...

As for his adoptive parents, "they're excited as well to see what happens with the film and to see how many people we can impact."

Special Mass honors life, launches 40 Days for Life campaign

Christ calls every person to a special mission, Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted told Massgoers who often find themselves praying in front of abortion clinics.

‘40 Days for Life’ welcomes co-founder Shawn Carney Feb. 16

What would it take to end abortion? One of the co-founders of 40 Days for Life will address that and more Feb. 16 at St. Mary’s Basilica.