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‘Texting’ boosts literacy in rural African villages

Even in the most remote of villages Niger, the familiar sound of a cell phone’s default ringtone can still interrupt a business meeting.

Rural radio station airs part-time yet yields full benefits for villagers

Villagers didn't want a radio station, but the volunteer-run station launched in West Africa through the help of Catholic Relief Services has been broadcasting 10 years now.

West African resilience: How women are key to long-term stability in...

Women play a key role in coping with ongoing drought and famine in West Africa.

Medical center targets crippling malnutrition in Burkina Faso

YALGO, Burkina Faso — During a famine, babies starve because their malnourished mothers don’t have breast milk. It’s even worse with twins. Nata Ouedraogo, who...

Humanitarian efforts cope with unexpected refugees in West Africa

OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso — Violence in Mali has created unexpected challenges to humanitarian efforts in neighboring West African countries.

West African bishops focus development efforts on education

KAYA, Burkina Faso — Kaya Bishop Thomas Kaboré believes the greatest challenge facing his people is poor economic development. Drought and, consequently, famine have taken their toll on the region for years.

Africa trip — Educating Burkina children

There's the so-called "school of life." Then there's going to school to maintain your livelihood. It seems most of the African children in Burkina...

Children turn to gold mining after drought leaves few options in...

SEGUENEGA, Burkina Faso — Thirteen-year-old Zale Moumouni has been living 12 kilometers down the road from his village, searching for gold. He spends his...

Africa trip — Family moments

  Someone once told me that the Catholic world starts to feel quite small as soon as you meet a person or two. In other...

The marketplace in Niamey

I don't like to bargain. I just want to know a price and make a decision, not play the negotiating game. So, when we...