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Bourgade alum played key role in debut of #PHXNM’s ethnic food...

As CEO of the Arizona Asian Chamber of Commerce, he was a key player in executing the first PHX Night Market April 21-22.

Fall sports wraps us with state titles, various honors

Two Catholic school swim and dive teams captured state titles following unusual seasons with others fighting long and hard for their accomplishments.

Meet six freshmen who are adults

Many of this year's new principals, coaches and athletic directors have roots in other Catholic schools throughout the Diocese of Phoenix.

Twins, cousin turn tassel to end 40-year legacy at Bourgade Catholic

The 2017-18 school year will be the first since 1994 that a family member will not be enrolled at Bourgade Catholic.

Trio of teen casts to compete for musical theater awards

Young Arizona actors will perform select production numbers for a new audience May 21 as they compete for the ASU Gammage High School Musical Awards.

Loyalty to red, white, blue earns Bourgade student some green

She is one of seven scholarship recipients the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society will honor April 9.

Families navigate web of scholarships to support Catholic school tuition

There are plenty of reasons and people that keep Catholics in fervent prayer, but financing a child’s elementary and high school education shouldn’t be among them.

Bourgade Catholic High School receives national student council award

The nation's presidential hopefuls might serve themselves well to look to Bourgade Catholic High School for leadership tips.