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A former Diocese of Phoenix athlete, who punted for the 2007-08 Super Bowl champs, earned the diocese a spot in the first Super Bowl High School Honor Roll.

Students from more than 30 Catholic schools in three dioceses across Arizona converged in one spot for a statewide field trip. They filled the concrete circle at Wesley Bolin Plaza Feb. 3 for the annual Catholic Schools Week rally. Their physical presence and youthful energy represented more than 21,000 Catholic school students throughout the Grand Canyon state eager to affirm their role in a Catholic school and the need for a faithful community to support it.

Students require quite a few supplies before entering a learning environment. Fortunately, their toolbox — their mind — is within reach.

A school known for its purple and gold now has an extra “gold” distinction.


No matter how long it has been since stepping on to a high school campus, this tour of the new reading room at Brophy College Preparatory should bring back some memories.

The Drama Department at Seton Catholic Preparatory in Chandler is gearing up to perform the School Edition — a family-friendly version — of "Grease," the story of 1950s youth exuberance.

It’s never too early to begin marching for life or understanding that God is the only one who can give life and take it away.

Those who have taught, volunteered or served at a Catholic school will join current students, alumni and parents plus private supporters and those in the state legislature Jan. 31-Feb. 6 for an array of Catholic Schools Week celebrations.

Some are forecasting about a million anti-abortion protestors at the March For Life 2016 Rally Jan. 22. That group always includes countless young people from parishes, high schools and universities nationwide.

She didn't get the crown, but a Notre Dame Preparatory junior certainly clothed herself "with strength and dignity," as the Psalm goes.


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