Catholic Schools

It wasn’t just the most important meal of the day to fortify the hours ahead. It provided a livelihood for 90 young scholars.

St. Francis Xavier P.E. teacher Bry Lauck ran the Boston Marathon April 18 and beat her qualifying time by more than eight minutes.

The sandwich meal fortified the body and nourished the soul of hundreds of guests at André House while its brown lunch sack, lit up with crayon drawings and notes, connected them to a larger part of humanity.

Maureen Adams will work closely with families, schools and businesses to expand the organization's ability to make Catholic schools available, affordable and accessible

Two seventh-graders earned top honors at the diocesan science fair and advanced to the Arizona Science and Engineering Fair April 7 where they competed among 1,200 other young scientists in several categories. One picked up an award there too.

She is one of seven scholarship recipients the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society will honor April 9.

The Xavier Gators were already up to bat and the bulldog from St. John Bosco is on deck for on-field recognition this season.

The idea of a Catholic high school to serve the West Valley finally has tangible signs of reality.


Friday night and Saturday classes for nine months at Benedictine University in Mesa can turn adult students into financial planners ready for certification.

The tournament provides a platform for top nationally ranked high school basketball teams to play one another.


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