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Msgr. Ed Meulemans (1928-2018): Lived active retirement among Native American community

He was known as monsignor, superintendent, rector, vicar general, proud Army veteran and chaplain many times over. His preferred title, however was simply “Fr. Ed.”

Fr. Joseph Krynen (1919-2018)

The hard-working priest was born in the Netherlands, began his priesthood in Africa and spent more than half of it in the Diocese of Phoenix.

Prescott parish celebrates former pastor, singing priest

He will be remembered not just for his quartet role that gave parish fundraisers extra flare, but as a great preacher.

Mary Anne Castranio recalled for devotion to faith, Catholic journalism

ATLANTA (CNS) — One of Mary Anne Castranio’s biggest joys came only after facing her fears.

St. Paul loses retired pastor as diocese’s Emerald Isle connection fades

The time has come to return a gift on loan from Ireland and the Diocese of Tucson nearly 50 years ago.

Bishop Kicanas recalls McCain’s legacy of service, bipartisanship

TUCSON (CNS) — Retired Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas of Tucson praised Arizona Sen. John S. McCain, who died at age 81 of brain cancer Aug. 25, for his service to the nation.

Dcn. Ken Miller (1933-2018): Served St. Thomas the Apostle faithful for...

He was such a family man, that this commercial structural engineer never took a job out of town or discerned the diaconate until his kids were grown.

Bishop Thomas J. O’Brien, retired bishop of Phoenix, dies at 82

Bishop Thomas J. O’Brien, retired bishop of Phoenix, died at 6:11 a.m. on Aug. 26. He served as the third bishop of the Diocese of Phoenix from 1982-2003. He was 82.

Fr. Greg Rice, MHM (1939-2018), brought missionary zeal to Native American...

His call to priesthood began in the Middle Eastern desert. His final ministerial years culminated in a southwestern one.

Former presidential candidate John McCain, who represented Arizona for 35 years,...

U.S. Senator John McCain from Arizona passed away earlier today, Aug. 25. The former 2008 Republican presidential nominee represented Arizona in the U.S. Senate since 1987.