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Lent: A Time to Grow in Faith and Love

Lent is upon us. Every year, we are given the gift of this 40-day period to prepare ourselves to fully celebrate the Easter Mystery and grow stronger on our Christian journey.

Paschal candles prepped for Easter [VIDEO]

Workers at an Ohio company find their Lenten center as they create paschal candles in time for Holy Week.

Faithful find strength in Lenten sufferings

Lent has 40 days with which to enter purposeful suffering and other spiritual disciplines. The end result creates a heart that’s better equipped to embrace the crosses of life like Simon of Cyrene, confident in recognizing the truths of the faith like Veronica or eager to spread it like St. Mary Magdalene did on Easter morning.

Luck of the Irish spreads to all Catholics this Lent

It only happens with a wee bit of luck every several years: March 17, the feast of St. Patrick, falls on a Friday this year. The patron saint of the Emerald Isle, credited with Christianizing the Irish, is the inspiration for celebrations not just in Ireland, but throughout the Irish diaspora.

Faith, Family, Fridays and Fish

Mike and Cheryl Lau don’t attend St. Henry Parish in Buckeye. The Verrado couple isn’t even Catholic. But after a decade of attending fish fries in their former home of Cincinnati, the Laus know a good fish fry when they see one — make that taste one — and the March 3 event at the church hall on Lower Buckeye Road filled their bill.

Parishes, online tools, quiet times can take Lenten prayer up a...

No matter how Catholics choose to up their prayer during Lent's 40 days, they have ample opportunities to do so.

Fasting: Lent’s spiritual practice creates space for prayer

Fasting, which has deep roots in many religious traditions, is meant to draw participants into deeper prayer and also link them with those in need.

Entering Lent in the digital age [VIDEO]

A senior at the Catholic University of America reflects on #ashtag and #AshWednesday and an Arizona priest connects the faithful.

Recharge your Lenten, Easter seasons

Need a way to recharge your final days of Lent plus your entire Easter season and beyond? RSVP 6:30-8 p.m. April 4 Tickets are free but must...

Ash Wednesday: Ancient tradition still thrives in modern times

In more ways than one, Ash Wednesday — celebrated March 1 this year — leaves a mark. "In terms of liturgical significance, it's very minor, but people observe it as overwhelmingly important," Thomas Humphries said. It draws Catholics to churches in droves even though it is not a holy day of obligation.