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Forgiving injuries: Bryson Hall lives message of forgiveness, reconciliation

BAPCHULE — Growing up on the sprawling Gila River Indian Reservation south of Phoenix, Bryson Hall remembers the day tragedy shattered his world: Oct. 12, 1996. He was just 12 years old.

Bury the dead/Pray for the living and the dead: Barb Nabours...

When Barb Nabours, a member of San Francisco de Asís Parish in Flagstaff, lost both her parents in a span of three short weeks, the outpouring of compassion she and her family received was a source of great consolation.

Bearing wrongs patiently: James Lackey develops young, Black Catholic leaders

James Lackey will be the first to tell you he has not suffered injustice. And yet, as he responds to detailed questions about how he grew up and came to be a leader in the Black Catholic community, it becomes apparent: this is a man who has borne wrongs patiently.

Shelter the homeless: Kathy Gibbons opens doors with love

In recognition of the Jubilee Year of Mercy declared by Pope Francis, every month The Catholic Sun will feature a “Missionary of Mercy” who...

Young pilgrims say they hope to find joy as missionaries of...

The second day of catechesis challenged pilgrims to become a missionary of mercy by showing compassion, love and a caring attitude toward anyone who is suffering.

Give drink to the thirsty: Joe McCawley, quenching a thirst for...

“I want to be the face of Jesus for someone else but it’s both the giver and the taker that are Jesus. We are Jesus for each other," he said.

Instruct the Ignorant: Francesca Thomas finds calling as children’s catechist, strengthens own...

Francesca Thomas has been working with little kids since she first graduated from college. “I went to church pretty faithfully, but I don’t think my faith was particularly deep at that time. I sort of went, doing what you’re supposed to do, but I really was captivated by this whole putting-your-faith-into-action thing,” Thomas said.

Clothe the Naked: Aurora Hernandez outfits men, women with dignity

Growing up in Phoenix as one of 10 children, Aurora Hernandez experienced firsthand the struggles of poverty. Her father worked for a meat company, and she and her siblings shoveled manure and cleaned out the animal pens. Her mother made dresses for the girls out of old flour sacks.

Visit the imprisoned: Terry Samaniego brings mercy, love of God to...

“Who died beside Jesus, one to the left and one to the right? Prisoners." "“The difference between you and me is that you got caught," a prison volunteer tells inmates.

Visit the Sick: Tan Duong gets ‘second chance’ to bring Jesus to...

Tan Duong was 6 years old when his parents put him and his two sisters into a small boat headed for America in order to escape life under Vietnam’s communist regime. The youngest of 11 children, Tan remembers being out on the open sea, facing armed pirates.