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Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Emperor Constantine erected a basilica on the Jerusalem site where Jesus had died and risen; it was dedicated Sept. 13, 335. Over time, a custom developed: On the day after the anniversary of the dedication, a relic of the wood of the true cross was brought out for veneration.

Feast of St. Peter Claver

This Spanish-born saint of the slave trade entered the Society of Jesus in 1601.

Feast of Bl. Frédéric Ozanam

At Frédéric’s 1997 beatification in Paris, Pope John Paul II called him a model for Catholic laypeople.

Feast of St. Gregory the Great

This patrician prefect of Rome is counted among the doctors and Fathers of the Church. After his father’s death, he gave family estates to the Church, founding seven monasteries, including the one he joined in his family home in Rome.

Beatificarán a joven que es la ‘nueva María Goretti’

(ACI Prensa) — El próximo 1 de septiembre será beatificada Anna Kolesárová, una joven eslovaca que a semejanza de Santa María Goretti murió mártir por defender su pureza y castidad.

Feast of St. Louis the King

Crowned King Louis IX of France in 1226, he married Marguerite of Provence in 1234 and they had 11 children.

Slovak teen to be beatified as martyr to purity

OXFORD, England (CNS) — A 16-year-old peasant girl will be beatified as a martyr in Slovakia, seven decades after she was shot in front of her family for resisting rape by a drunken Soviet soldier.

Feast of Our Lady of La Vang

Although not formally recognized by the Vatican, Our Lady of La Vang’s to the Vietnamese people importance has been widely recognized.

Feast of St. Bernard of Clairvaux

This French abbot and doctor of the Church is considered the second founder of the Cistercians.

Solemnity Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

(CNA) — Catholics and many other Christians celebrate the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary on this Holy Day of Obligation, recalling the spiritual and physical departure of the mother of Jesus Christ from the earth, when both her soul and her body were taken into the presence of God.