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Catholic community mourns sudden loss of beloved priest

He poured his heart into strengthening parish life, most especially by building up St. Bernadette in structure and in spirit.

When the one who leads prayer, needs prayer

"If I were to die tomorrow, it would be my sincerest hope... that I would be remembered for bringing you closer to Jesus Christ because that is our mission, that is our hope, that is our longing at the core of our faith," Fr. Peter Rossa said.

Defenders of life, religious liberty tapped for huge honor

A Scottsdale couple’s heroic efforts on behalf of religious liberty, the Church, the sanctity of life, and rights of conscience have captured the attention of Pope Francis.

Bishop dedicates new church for St. Bernadette

“From this building members of Christ’s Body, the Church, will be sent forth to bear witness to the kingdom of God,” the bishop said. “He will fill their hearts with love so that they can give it away with joy.”

St. Bernadette parishioners move into first real home

Even Google knew a fresh, permanent worship space was coming

Scottsdale parish’s countdown to construction ends with groundbreaking

St. Bernadette parishioners have waited 20 years for the day they would break ground on a church.