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Avondale parish will use mission resources to serve poor, provide scholarships,...

As the “Together Let Us Go Forth ~ Juntos Sigamos Adelante” campaign works its way across the Diocese of Phoenix, individual parishes are being challenged to be part of the historic effort to raise $100 million in support of Catholic churches, schools, charities and the faithful.

State of the Campaign for February 2018

As the first full block of the “Together Let Us Go Forth ~ Juntos Sigamos Adelante” campaign ends, I am excited to share good news.

Recursos de campaña ayudan a parroquia a servir a los pobres,...

A medida que la campaña “Together Let Us Go Forth ~ Juntos Sigamos Adelante” se abre camino en la Diócesis de Phoenix, se desafía a las parroquias individuales a ser parte del esfuerzo histórico para recaudar $100 millones en apoyo de las iglesias, escuelas, obras de caridad y de los fieles.

Profiles in Mission: Diane Rosztoczy

The name of the campaign, “Together Let Us Go Forth ~ Juntos Sigamos Adelante,” is such a meaningful name.

Called: A Lenten reflection series [VIDEO]

Lenten alerts (emails, texts, social media feeds, bulletin ads) abound this time of year. We will bring you a more full resource guide in our February issue, but this is a start.

Campaign calls faithful to discipleship

God sent the prophets, then John the Baptist and finally Jesus to prepare the way for something that was big, new and perhaps both...

‘Juntos Sigamos Adelante’ enfocada en preparar al diócesis para futura

Obispo Olmsted quiere "muchos más misioneros discípulos y personas de cualquier edad y cultura que conocen a Jesucristo y lo aman y por lo tanto, invitan a otros a seguirlo”.

‘Together Let Us Go Forth’ to evangelize

The diocesan initiative is aimed at equipping and inspiring Catholics to bring the Good News of Jesus into every human situation.

‘Together Let Us Go Forth’ to make disciples

Discipleship means drawing close to the heart of Christ and then making an active choice to become more and more like Him in his teaching, action, joy and hope.

Leaders launch initiative to send faithful forth ‘Juntos’

Bishop Olmsted hopes the effort gains “many more missionary disciples and people of every age and culture who know Jesus Christ" across the diocese eager to invite others to follow Him.