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Profiles in Mission: Donna Killoughey-Bird

She felt a really strong call to serve the greater Church and now sits on the board of trustees where diocesan seminarians get a college education.

Seminarian headcount hits historic high

It's far above the average of 29 the faithful have seen in the last five years.

State of the Campaign for May 2018

As a young priest, retirement always seemed like it would never happen — age 70 seemed like the distant future. I remember thinking, “How do you retire from being a priest? Do you retire from being a grandfather or a father?”

Regina Cleri to provide housing option for retired priests

After decades of service to the Church, priests “retire,” sort of.

Profiles in Mission: Fr. Richard Felt

[As priests get older] it can be kind of lonely. You are used to being with people your whole life. There’s a special bond with other priests through the sacrament of Holy Orders, a sacramental brotherhood.

Regina Cleri ofrece opción de alojamiento para sacerdotes jubilados

Después de décadas de servicio a la Iglesia, sacerdotes “jubilan”, más o menos.

Profiles in Mission: Anita Kilcran

“I’m making my pledge knowing God will not be outdone in generosity,” Kilcran told parishioners she has prayed beside for 20 years.

Physical upgrades to allow parish pair to better welcome future Catholics

They're similar parishes "going forth" into the future in different ways with an end result of making the complementary parishes more identical yet more complete as standalone campuses.

State of the Campaign for March 2018

Without a doubt the Holy Spirit is bringing communities together through an encounter with God’s love via the “Together Let Us Go Forth ~ Juntos Sigamos Adelante” campaign.

Grand Canyon Newman Center connects students to faith, community, service

With the Holy Spirit guiding them, Fr. Joseph Francis LePage, FHS, and his brother Franciscan Friars of the Holy Spirit are building and breathing life into the newly established Holy Spirit Newman Center at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix.