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Vatican conference unites science and religion’s search for truth

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Science and religion are not at odds but are united in the continuing search for truth in unlocking the mysteries of the cosmos.

Tucson’s Vatican astronomers bring expertise to Phoenix skies

The Catholic Church has pondered the handiwork of God’s creation through the lens of a telescope for centuries. Pope Gregory XIII’s involvement to reform the Julian calendar in the 1500s prefigured the Vatican Observatory, one of the oldest astronomical institutions in the world. It was founded by Pope Leo XIII in 1891 with the goal to show the world that the Church supports good science.

Vatican astronomer: Discoveries on Mars may reveal God’s personality

NASA scientists confirmed that liquid water flows, at least during the summer months, on the surface of Mars.

God and outer space [VIDEO]

A Jesuit brother and president of the Vatican Observatory Foundation discusses the idea of extraterrestrials and how it might affect how humanity sees itself.

Papal puzzler: Leo XIII anonymously published riddles in Latin

The pope created lengthy riddles, known as "charades," in which readers had to guess a rebus-like answer from two or more words that together formed the syllables of a new word. A reader who submitted the correct answer to the riddle would receive a book of Latin poetry written by either Pope Leo or another noted Catholic figure.

Papal astronomer wins recognition for excellence in communication

A papal astronomer won recognition for his ability to communicate accurately and clearly the discoveries of planetary science to the general public.

Jesuit who was staff scientist at Vatican Observatory in Arizona dies

Jesuit Father William R. Stoeger, a staff scientist for the Vatican Observatory Research Group in Tucson and a long-time member of Brophy College Preparatory’s Board of Trustees, died March 24 after a struggle with cancer. He was 70 and had been a member of the Society of Jesus for 52 years.

Astronomy students watch Venus transit at Vatican Observatory

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- An international group of astronomy students watched Venus' passage across the face of the sun from the roof of the...