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Saluda al P. John Nahrgang: Católico convertido atribuye su vocación a...

Para el P. John Nahrgang, el llamado al sacerdocio no provino de una educación Católica, sino del constante susurro de María en su corazón.

Meet Fr. John Nahrgang: Catholic convert credits Mary for vocation

For Fr. John Nahrgang, the call to the priesthood came not from a Catholic upbringing, but from the consistent whisper of Mary to his heart.

Meet Fr. Frankie Cicero: Recurring health issues led priest to trust...

When Fr. Frankie Cicero’s mother Olga was eight months pregnant with him, doctors discovered her unborn child had a devastating condition: He would be born with his intestines outside his body. Given a 2 percent chance of survival, Olga clung to a sliver of hope.

Saluda al P. Frankie Cicero: Problemas de salud recurrentes llevaron a...

Cuando Olga, la madre del P. Frankie Cícero, estaba el octavo mes de su embarazo, los médicos descubrieron que su hijo nonato tenía una condición devastadora: nacería con sus intestinos fuera de su cuerpo. Con una posibilidad de solo 2 por ciento de sobrevivir, Olga se aferró a una astilla de la esperanza.

Bishop Nevares ordains newest Crosier priest

It was standing room only at St. Gregory Parish when a Crosier brother who’d been serving there for a year as a deacon was ordained to the priesthood May 26.

Jubilarian sisters from different orders in the diocese celebrate centuries of collective...

When the Serra Club gathered religious jubilarians from across the diocese for an appreciation dinner on May 5, those honored represented a steadfast dedication to people in need and a constant, reliable flow of prayer for the people of Arizona and around the world.

A ‘sacramentally fortified’ fatherhood: Diocese gains three new priests

The trio — Fr. Frankie Cicero, Fr. John Nahrgang and Fr. Vinhson Ngueyn — can now take the place of Christ the high priest forever more as they serve the growing and diverse vineyard that is the Diocese of Phoenix.

Chris Gossen ordained transitional deacon on Holy Trinity Sunday

Family, friends and strangers alike witnessed Christopher Gossen, 33, ordained to the diaconate May 27 at Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral.

East Valley priests, seminarians kick their way to victory in inaugural...

It was a battle for East and West at Bourgade Catholic High School on May 30. Competitors donned black and white uniforms and laced up their cleats in a matchup that would lead East Valley victorious in a 7-0 shootout. Fans decorated signs and proudly blew their horns and noisemakers, rooting for their favorite players.

Syro-Malabar Catholic Church in U.S. makes history with two ordinations

It likely won't be long until Fr. Philip becomes a "biritual" priest, credentialed to celebrate liturgies in both the Syro-Malabar and Roman rites. In fact, his second Mass of thanksgiving following ordination was a Latin-rite Mass, for which he gained permission.