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From Ohio to Kenya, Glenmary brother trots globe in search of...

CINCINNATI (CNS) — God’s ability to call vocations isn’t limited by geography, and so a vocation director must go wherever the Holy Spirit leads.

Toronto Cardinal calls vocation directors to become fire

There’s the fire of majesty and mystery, of Pentecostal zeal, of sacrificial love and of purification. All work together to create hearts “set on the fiery, dazzling beauty of our true home, the heavenly Jerusalem,” the cardinal said.

St. Mary’s High School nurtures rich seedbed of religious vocations

If a seed grows in fertile soil, then St. Mary’s Catholic School has rich earth and is reaping a great religious harvest.

Seminarian basketball team hopes for comeback in this year’s JP2 Classic

The Phoenix Suns may have gotten the first pick in the NBA Draft, but the Phoenix Sons are currently building their all-star team to win the fourth annual JP2 Classic, a basketball tournament between the priests and the seminarians of the Diocese of Phoenix.

Meet Fr. Vinhson Nguyen: Prayer, spiritual brotherhood paves path to priesthood

What one East Valley boy once filled in the blank with for what he wanted to be when he grew up is now a reality. That’s not to say his path to priesthood was direct.

Saluda al P. Vinhson Nguyen: Oración, fraternidad espiritual allana el camino...

Lo que un niño del Este del Valle soñó una vez con lo que quería ser cuando creció, ahora es una realidad. Eso no quiere decir que su camino al sacerdocio fue directo.

Saluda al P. John Nahrgang: Católico convertido atribuye su vocación a...

Para el P. John Nahrgang, el llamado al sacerdocio no provino de una educación Católica, sino del constante susurro de María en su corazón.

Meet Fr. John Nahrgang: Catholic convert credits Mary for vocation

For Fr. John Nahrgang, the call to the priesthood came not from a Catholic upbringing, but from the consistent whisper of Mary to his heart.

Meet Fr. Frankie Cicero: Recurring health issues led priest to trust...

When Fr. Frankie Cicero’s mother Olga was eight months pregnant with him, doctors discovered her unborn child had a devastating condition: He would be born with his intestines outside his body. Given a 2 percent chance of survival, Olga clung to a sliver of hope.

Saluda al P. Frankie Cicero: Problemas de salud recurrentes llevaron a...

Cuando Olga, la madre del P. Frankie Cícero, estaba el octavo mes de su embarazo, los médicos descubrieron que su hijo nonato tenía una condición devastadora: nacería con sus intestinos fuera de su cuerpo. Con una posibilidad de solo 2 por ciento de sobrevivir, Olga se aferró a una astilla de la esperanza.