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Admonish the Sinner: George Miller comes ‘Full Circle’ in reaching out...

To the uninformed, admonishing the sinner may sound like a holier-than-thou Pharisee casting judgement, but in reality, it involves an awareness of one’s own brokenness and need of repentance. It’s about lovingly calling someone to conversion, encouraging those who are trying to break free from sin and addiction.

Jubilee ends, mercy continues

Despite the close of the latest jubilee year, the door of mercy within the heart remains wide open, and Catholics in the Diocese of Phoenix are committed to bestowing and receiving it.

Holy Doors of Mercy closed at cathedral, Sedona

SEDONA — Staying open through a 5 p.m. Mass Nov. 13, the Holy Doors at the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona were probably among the last to close in the continental United States. Throughout the day, holy doors in dioceses across the globe were closed, including in Sedona and at Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral.

Thanksgiving spirit, food stuffs parish halls to feed community

Early Thanksgiving feasts at several parishes across the Diocese of Phoenix rivaled what Americans are still slicing, dicing and mashing for Thursday.

Forgiving injuries: Bryson Hall lives message of forgiveness, reconciliation

BAPCHULE — Growing up on the sprawling Gila River Indian Reservation south of Phoenix, Bryson Hall remembers the day tragedy shattered his world: Oct. 12, 1996. He was just 12 years old.

Catholics say Lord’s invitation to mercy goes beyond end of jubilee...

How did you (re)commit yourself to being merciful or being the recipient of mercy this Jubilee Year of Mercy?

‘Night of Hope’ showcases Catholic school students, builds support

The gift of Catholic education is a dream for many parents. The annual Night of Hope helps make that dream a reality, and it does it with a subtle blend of faith and flair by building support for the nearly 14,000 students who attend Catholic schools in the Diocese of Phoenix.

Fr. Doug Lorig, convert dedicated to mercy, retires Nov. 20

SCOTTSDALE — Growing up in a strict German Lutheran family, Fr. Doug Lorig got the impression that God was someone angry. Paradoxically, amid messages of condemnation and wrath, he was told that God is love.

Pope: World needs a justice system open to hope, not just...

Some 1,000 current and former prisoners from 12 countries, as well as priests, religious men and women and laypeople who work in prison ministry, attended the jubilee for prisoners Nov. 6.

Bury the dead/Pray for the living and the dead: Barb Nabours...

When Barb Nabours, a member of San Francisco de Asís Parish in Flagstaff, lost both her parents in a span of three short weeks, the outpouring of compassion she and her family received was a source of great consolation.