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On Nov. 30, just before the start of the new liturgical year, Life Teen posed the question to its Facebook followers: What’s on your bucket list?

Three days later, there were 77 comments and 25 “likes” on the status. Shortly after that, LifeTeen posted highlights. As we prepare to enter the new calendar year, I thought I’d share some of the admirable ambitions that relate to the life of the Church.

  • Convert someone to be Catholic
  • To discover and accomplish all the things of God’s bucket list for me.
  • Become a priest and be able to concelebrate with the pope
  • Give confession to 1000 people, after becoming a priest.
  • Attend mass at the Vatican and walk the way of St.James
  • Hug every single pillar in the Vatican.
  • I want to become a Cardinal (and see everyone who commented on this post in heaven)
  • To pay of all my debt (of about $50,000) and get a tattoo removed so that I can become a nun and live my life to the fullest for Christ!!
  • I so want to own a food truck so I can travel around cooking and loving on the homeless in my city. They are so in need right now with job cuts, gas prices, increase in rent prices etc… They are just like you and I.. they just want to be known and loved. By feeding them a warm meal each day and some conversation their world can be a better place…
  • To travel around America encountering as many people while photographing their lives while going around straddling as many state lines : ) Anything to bring God’s kingdom to my home country.
  • Wear the pope’s hat (happened to be posted by someone locally)
  • Hold a cooking class in a low-income area at a large facility with commercial kitchen. Invite all to come and learn and eat and share fellowship…have volunteers bring coats and socks/shoes for folks who don’t have them!
  • To go to Russia with the Sisters In Jesus The Lord to help them Evangelize Russia and bring more people closer to Christ. (posted by a youth group in Missouri)
  • To be the Pope’s personal photographer
  • To have a birthday party with Max von Sydow who played Jesus in the 1965 film The Greatest Story Ever Told
  • To be able to honestly say that I love my enemy when I stand before God.
  • To celebrate Mass either the moon or Mars.

It’s almost 2013. There’s still a good 11 months left in the Year of Faith. What do you plan to do with them?

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