Photo courtesy of Blessed Pope John XXIII School
Photo courtesy of Blessed Pope John XXIII School

Blessed Pope John XXIII School in Scottsdale sent the following note about Monday’s Vocations Day which featured a friendly basketball game between eighth-grade boys and seminarians with some assistance from two priests and a Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity sister.

They came and ate packed lunches with all the different grades. The children knew they were coming so their excitement and awe was evident especially in the younger grades. Our guests talked some good clean smack talk to the older kids with whom they were going to play ball against. It was a great thing to witness.

The game was so much fun! Fr. Paul is amazing! He had them doing the wave, cheering…totally into it! There were 5 seminarians, Sr. Emmanuel, Fr. Paul and our pastor Fr. Pete and they played well, but had fun too. Our student players played hard and showed great sportsmanship.

The last half was just as exciting, Sr. Emmanuel played and the stands went crazy. I think the kids cheered louder for the visitors than for our own team (but in a good way!).  We plan on having them back next year and every year that they will come. It was a great day.

The half time show featured short addresses from Fr. Paul and SOLT Sister Emmanuel Schmidt from Most Holy Trinity. She also taught the students a rap/chant that they loved. Louis also spoke about his journey. Fr. Pete ended the half time with his story of his calling. Check out all of the seminarian stories.

No word on the final score. Seminarians made classroom visits after the game to share their vocation story and a bit about seminary life.


Editor’s Note:

  • More on seminary life in “Community-backed formation leads to priestly ordination
  • Be sure to watch the live TV Mass 9 a.m. May 26 from Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral on AZTV 7/Cable 13 or online. Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted will ordain Keith Kenny and Scott Sperry to the transitional diaconate. After another year of formation and discernment, God-willing, they will be ordained priests June 2014.