Chris Muglia (courtesy photo)
Chris Muglia (courtesy photo)

Catholic singer/songwriter Chris Muglia has just released his fifth compilation of original music, challenging listeners to go deeper in their faith journey.

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The new CD is titled “Late Check In” and includes 10 new songs. It is Muglia’s first release since 2009 and reflects his own spiritual journey and growth during a two-year absence from music ministry.

“If I had to describe this album in one word, it would be honest,” Muglia said in a statement. “In fact, in some ways, I feel a little bit vulnerable. I went places in my songwriting that I’ve never been before and shared things that I’ve never shared before.”

Muglia, who lives in Gilbert, is well known to Arizona Catholics and people of faith throughout the country, having spent 10 years traveling the United States with Sound Mission Ministries, a ministry devoted to renewing the family. He stepped down from the ministry in 2012 to spend more time with his wife of 20 years and their five children.

Screenshot of Chris Muglia's fifth album featuring all original tracks.
Screenshot of Chris Muglia’s fifth album featuring all original tracks.

He has now returned to music ministry with a renewed focus and passion. The new CD challenges others to consider whether they are locked into ways of thinking that limit their ability to grow in faith and take full responsibility for their spiritual journey.

In his new song, “Startin’ to Wonder,” Muglia admits that he is to blame for his own trials of faith, but sings, “I checked in late, but I kept my faith… I’m starting to wonder why it took me so long.” He concludes, however, that, “Better than never’s always better than never trying.”

Reaching out

Muglia has also begun booking parish missions, and appearances at conferences and other venues to spread his message. He held a pro-life concert at St. Joan of Arc Jan. 18 and will lead music during the Rally for Life at All Saints Catholic Newman Center in Tempe Jan. 23.

Phoenix-area Catholics can also hear Muglia in March during a free-will concert at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Tempe or leading worship during the diocesan men’s conference at Xavier College Preparatory. It’s those places Muglia hopes to encounter “fallen away” Catholics and those who have stopped going to church.

“When I go to a church for a parish mission or a concert, I encourage the people in the pews to think of someone they know who does not go to church anymore and invite them to my presentation. Perhaps it’s one of their friends, relatives, neighbors or coworkers. I believe it’s my job to provide a comfortable environment that allows the Spirit to work through the stories and the music,” Muglia said. “I keep it real, I talk about real things that have happened in my life and those close to me, I find that people connect with the stories and leave feeling inspired to work on their relationship with God and others.”

In conjunction with the CD, he has released some video messages that challenge others to “check in,” which are available through email sign up. Although a baptized Catholic, he did not practice his faith as a child. It wasn’t until college that Chris discovered his faith, and became a fully initiated Catholic.

Muglia’s previous releases of faith-based music include “This is Life” and “Innocence,” which focus on the trials and joys of everyday life. His songs such as “Our God is Here”, “Do This in Memory of Me”, and “Let it Be Done,” are published by OCP (Oregon Catholic Press) in Spirit & Song.