Name: Teresa Morris

School: St. Thomas Aquinas Parish and St. John Paul II Catholic High School

Role with St. John Paul II Catholic High School: Teacher, ethics and culture department

What does working at St. John Paul II Catholic High School mean?
The courses I teach are designed to help students seek the truth in any situation and to think clearly and logically based on what is presented to them in the ethical dilemmas of life. We are also guiding the students in their unique role of being the first to eventually graduate and setting traditions that future generations of students will follow. They have the awesome responsibility of shaping this school’s culture for years to come.

And we are preparing them for the intellectual chaos that can be the college setting by helping them be grounded spiritually, emotionally and physically; to be able to filter through that setting and stand by what they believe.


How did you get involved with St. John Paul II High School?

As a freshman in high school, I attended St. John Paul the Great, the high school in northern Virginia where Sr. Mary Jordan [Hoover, OP, the current principal in Avondale] was that school’s first principal. I was part of the first graduating class in 2012. I graduated college in 2016 and received an email a year later from Sister, asking if I wanted to apply what we did in Virginia to a new school here. Related article

How does this school and this campaign speak to discipleship and evangelization?

These students are not the future of the Church, they ARE the Church. This school is providing the opportunity to let them know they have a place in the Church and can make decisions that support and promote the mission of the Church.