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Vietnamese Dominican stabbed to death while hearing confession

A Dominican priest serving ethnic groups in Vietnam's Central Highlands was stabbed to death while he was hearing confession.

At 108, Dominican sister says God ‘just wants me to hang around’

To put Sister Francis Dominici Piscatella's extraordinarily long life into historical perspective, consider that Pope Pius X was pontiff and Woodrow Wilson was U.S. president when she was born in 1913.

Dominican sisters recall story of firewood delivery credited to St. Joseph

It was a bitterly cold night in the dead of winter 1868, and Bethlehem Academy was nearly out of firewood.

Dominican brothers use ultramodern means to teach order’s ancient music

FRIBOURG, Switzerland (CNS) — Dominican Brothers Stefan Ansinger and Alexandre Frezzato are teaching people to sing 800-year-old Gregorian chant through free weekly lessons on their YouTube channel called OPChant.

St. Mary’s teacher returns to class as perpetual, dual Dominican

She is Dominican by birth. Now, she is officially Dominican by virtue, too.

Dominican priest’s new book recounts interactions helping the dead

About 70 years ago, the famous mystic, St. Padre Pio, was praying alone in his friary. When he looked up from his prayer, he saw an old man standing in front of him.

St. Thomas Aquinas meets bluegrass in best-selling album by Dominicans

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Bluegrass music may not be the first thing that comes to mind when people think of Dominicans, but for the 10 Dominican brothers and priests at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington who recently released their debut album, “The Hillbilly Thomists,” the two have a lot in common.

‘Nashville Dominicans’ plant desert roots

The trio of Nashville Dominicans now living in the Diocese of Phoenix are here to pray for the Church, build and staff local schools and offer workshops.

BOOKS: Life of Dominican Order’s founder detailed in new book

Celebrate with us the 800th Anniversary of the Order of Preachers by learning about the man and saint who started it all.

Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia to establish diocesan presence, serve new high school

Among the throngs of people the Diocese of Phoenix is embracing into its fold this Holy Week is a deeply-rooted religious community.