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Priest says situation in Gaza continues to deteriorate

The 50-day war cost the lives of more than 2,250 Palestinians a year ago, 65 percent of whom were civilians, with the blockade of Gaza by Israel growing more intense, a priest in Gaza City said.

Church aid agencies coordinate relief for Gazans, plan for future need

With close to a quarter of a million Palestinians rendered homeless by the continuing and intensifying fighting between Hamas and Israel in Gaza, the Coordinating Catholic Aid Organizations met three times in as many days to organize action to confront the humanitarian crisis.

Churches’ official: ‘Everyone in Gaza considers themselves a target’

The situation in hospitals in the Gaza Strip is dire, and Palestinians are saying that medical supplies will soon run out, said a cardiologist who serves with the Near East Council of Churches in Gaza. By July 14, more than 170 people — about half civilians — had been killed in Gaza, and hundreds more were injured.

Catholics on both side of the Gaza border pray for hostilities to end

JERUSALEM (CNS) -- As diplomatic efforts were underway to reach a ceasefire agreement between Hamas and Israel Nov. 20, Catholics on both sides of the Gaza border prayed for peace.

Widespread vaccination, supported by pope, faces myriad obstacles

The hurdles on the path toward a fair, global distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine are economic, technical, political and moral.

Palestinian Catholic, modeling St. Francis, cares for abused animals

"I tell (my critics) God gives each one of us our mission, and there are a lot of organizations taking care of people. My mission is to take care of the animals, the most vulnerable beings in the world."

The Holy Spirit changes hearts, pope says on Pentecost

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Christians should begin each day invoking the Holy Spirit, praying that the Spirit will lead them and the Church closer to God and closer to any person in need, Pope Francis said on Pentecost.

Pope expresses concern about ‘spiral of violence’ in Holy Land

JERUSALEM (CNS) — As the world witnesses “another outburst of hatred and violence, which is once again bleeding all over the Holy Land,” the head of Jerusalem’s Latin Patriarchate called for prayers for peace.

‘Tis the season, and Bethlehem businesses hope for a merry one

After two Christmas seasons in which the political reality had overtaken holiday cheer, people seemed primed to finally feel some merriment in Bethlehem.

Beer festival offers ‘peaceful resistance’ to Middle East conflicts

As Palestinians and Israelis in Jerusalem once again became embroiled in violence, locals and guests in Taybeh were enjoying ice-cold beers, grilled meats, frosted doughnuts and throbbing music as the all-Christian Palestinian village celebrated its 11th Oktoberfest.