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In the 40 years since St. Óscar Romero’s death, many things have shifted

The Church in El Salvador is observing a jubilee year to mark the 40th anniversary of the March 24, 1980, assassination of St. Óscar Romero, while other churches in the United States, Britain and throughout Latin America are holding their own commemorations.

From one shepherd to another: A Salvadoran bishop honors St. Romero in book

As a child, he frequently listened to the pastor's homilies on the radio and was enraptured by the voice of the archbishop.

Forty years after St. Romero’s martyrdom, El Salvador sees a harvest of martyrs

Soon-to-be Blessed Rutilio Grande and companions March 12, 1977: MartyredAug. 16, 2016: Local canonization process ceremonially closedFeb. 22, 2020: Martyrdom formally recognized Fr. Rutilio Grande, SJJuly 5, 1928: BornJuly 30,...

Forty years after his martyrdom, St. Romero influences U.S. Church

https://youtu.be/2dY03-b6Bvc WASHINGTON (CNS) — In life, El Salvador’s St. Óscar Romero had an open line of communication with the Church in the United States, whose leaders and...

In choosing the poor, St. Romero followed Church teaching, not ideology

WASHINGTON (CNS) — The year 1980 was a bloody one for tiny El Salvador. In the early months of that year, Archbishop Óscar Romero of San Salvador, who had seen and heard of the disappearances and killings of civilians, was doing everything possible to avert a full-fledged war.

Actress says film captured St. Romero’s humanity, inner struggle, courage

SAN DIEGO (CNS) — Over the years, Ana Alicia has seen her past television and film work rebroadcast, introducing the actress to new generations of fans.

Salvadoran newspaper describes miracle for Blessed Romero cause

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Though Church authorities in El Salvador said they would wait to give more details of a Vatican-approved miracle that has cleared the way for the canonization of Blessed Oscar Romero, a Salvadoran newspaper March 8 published an account of a 35-year-old woman who said her husband’s prayer asking for the intercession of Blessed Romero saved her life.

Sainthood cleared for Blessed Romero

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope Francis has cleared the way for the canonizations of Blesseds Paul VI and Oscar Romero.

Beato Romero es ejemplo de fe para jóvenes, dicen obispos de Panamá

CIUDAD DEL VATICANO — Para los jóvenes que asistirán a la Jornada Mundial de la Juventud del 2019 en Panamá, la vida y el martirio del Beato Óscar Romero es un ejemplo brillante de la fe cristiana en medio de las luchas, dijeron varios obispos de Panamá.

Blessed Romero ‘another brilliant star’ belonging to church of Americas

In a message sent for the beatification, Pope Francis said Archbishop Romero "built the peace with the power of love, gave testimony of the faith with his life."