Ordination moments

This year, I also took great joy in discovering who else the Diocese of Phoenix was spiritually united with nationwide because their (arch)diocese had an ordination scheduled for June 1 too.

Planning to see ‘Unplanned’ [VIDEO]

You have options in the Diocese of Phoenix, including several sneak peeks the night before its March 29 nationwide release.

Meet EWTN Vatican’s intern

If you've been following news from the Vatican more closely lately, this Phoenix Catholic could be behind some of those posts.

Lent resources

Connect with resources for your inbox, for the family and for the book lover.

Phoenix girl gets pulled into papal ride

What makes it even more special is the connection they found between their belated pastor who helped coordinate the encounter and the pontiff himself.

Freshmen — They’re everywhere!

More than 100 teachers are new to the Diocese of Phoenix this school year. So are some coaches and other support staff. We compiled some tidbits and brief bios about some of them.

Totus Tuus missionaries [VIDEO]

Meet this year's Totus Tuus missionaries. They're a mix of young adults — fresh out of high school, amid college and in seminary — who have totally dedicated their summer to serving elementary and high school-aged Catholics in the Diocese of Phoenix.

How to send your pastor off in style [VIDEO]

See any ideas you want to borrow?

Birthday blessings to Bertha!

At 100 years old, Bertha Bower's descendants don't quite equal her age, but it's getting up there: 82 descendants across four generations.

A dog’s perspective on Holy Week

Being the good pastor's pup that I am, I figured I would take a little pressure off my dad and write this week's column.