Bishop Olmsted: Voting is a moral duty [VIDEO]

In this short clip from Mixed Voces, Bishop Olmsted explains the importance of voting and of being an informed participant in the election process.

Are homosexual families dysfunctional?

We used to talk more about dysfunctional families – those in which love was lacking due to a variety of circumstances. Dysfunction means not operating normally or properly. Most families actually were dysfunctional to a degree, yet fixable.

Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday for Catholics

Scouring the Internet looking for deals on gifts? Here are some places to save plus ways to embrace #GivingTuesday.

Mesa pastor writes about Kermit Gosnell’s ‘house of horrors’ in Sunday bulletin

In his weekly bulletin letter, Fr. Charlie Goraieb, pastor of St. Timothy Parish in Mesa, addressed the ongoing criminal trial of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who is on charged with murdering seven babies and one mother.

‘Joy from Janet’: Asking others for prayers

My family has experienced the normal flow of wonderful celebrations, changes in direction, disappointments and joys, as I imagine most families do. During the times of stress, illness or death, I share more of myself with others and seek their prayers.

The real war on women

The current administration tells us there is a war on women. And there is — absolutely — a war being waged on women. But...

A Day in the Life of Fr. John Muir

Fr. John Muir, assistant director both of the Office of Worship for the Phoenix Diocese and of the All Saints Catholic Newman Center in...

From swinging ‘fore’ vocations to outright pitching it

Catholics around the Phoenix Diocese may be somewhat used to taking a swing for vocations. The East Valley SERRA Club hosted its seventh annual...

When temperatures rise

It looks like we're entering a long stretch of high triple-digit temperatures. Area agencies that serve the homeless and working poor could always use a boost from donors who grab an extra case of bottled water on their next shopping trip and donors who organize a water drive.

‘Papabile’: Recycling some old speculation that’s suddenly pretty interesting

About a year and half ago, Catholic News Service ran a piece by John Thavis on "papabile" speculation — that is, speculation on who might be elected next pope. If there is one thing we know out here in Phoenix, it that we don't know anything.