Lent begins with reminder of all that fades away, pope says

ROME (CNS) — Marked with ashes, Christians set off on a Lenten journey where they strive to leave behind everything that will turn to dust and instead focus on drawing closer to God and God’s promise of eternal life, Pope Francis said.

Feast of St. Mary Magdalene

Mary, from Magdala in Galilee, was a disciple of Jesus who used her resources, or wealth, to help support Him and His followers.

Fight the blues with the Eucharist and Gospel, Pope Francis says

Receive Communion every Sunday and read the Gospel every day to keep discouragement and the blues away, Pope Francis said.

Steep price of freedom demands courage of those who defend it

Watching the videos of the hordes of people protesting in Venezuela, braving water cannons and rubber bullets, risking death or imprisonment for speaking out against a repressive government, the rallying cry comes back to me again and again: Freedom isn’t free.

Irish Bishop criticizes ‘faith-filled’ Catholics who spread fear of Muslims

DUBLIN (CNS) — An Irish bishop has criticized Catholics who identify as “faith-filled” while spreading fear and mistrust of immigrants, particularly those who are Muslims.

St. John Paul II High School girls complete historic run to title

AVONDALE — In its first year of existence, St. John Paul II Catholic High School, the far West Valley’s first Catholic high school, is already filling its trophy case.

Retired pope publishes reflection on abuse crisis

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Retired Pope Benedict XVI, acknowledging his role in helping the Catholic Church come to terms with the clerical sexual abuse crisis beginning in the 1980s, wrote an article outlining his thoughts about what must be done now.

Interview with a star from ‘The Star’ [VIDEO]

Filmmaker Tim Reckart, who grew up in Tucson, “Joseph," “Mary” and a “cow” talk to Catholic News Service about their experiences making the movie “The Star.”

Pope leads rosary for peace at Rome shrine

The pope invited pilgrims in St. Peter's Square April 29 to join his prayers May 1 at the shrine and "to prolong for the whole month of May praying the rosary for peace."

Pope on Corpus Christi: Jesus in the Eucharist gives life, love

The body and blood of Christ, Pope Francis said, can give people eternal life because "the substance of this bread is love." Living the Catholic faith, the pope said, means "allowing yourself to be nourished by the Lord and building your life not on material goods, but on the reality that does not perish: the gifts of God, his word and his body."