Pope Francis, Obama meet privately at Vatican for 50 minutes

Pope Francis received U.S. President Barack Obama at the Vatican March 27. In what was their first encounter, the two leaders spoke in private for more than 50 minutes, an extraordinarily long time for such a meeting.

Mandate cases prompt rallies outside court as oral arguments take place

The snowy, wet concrete and throng of reporters didn't stop Father Frank Pavone and the Rev. Patrick Mahoney from kneeling down and praying in front of the Supreme Court the morning of March 25.

‘Everybody smiles’: St. Vincent de Paul’s dental clinic gives patients bright smiles, brighter futures

Francis Richardson longed for a full set of teeth so much that he created his own using a sheet of white paper and a pen. Before coming to St. Vincent de Paul late last year, Richardson estimated it had been a decade or so since he had seen a dentist.

Jokes, quips, wisecracks: John XXIII lived with keen sense of humor

A top 10 list of Blessed John XXIII's funny quips. The "Good Pope," who has an elementary school on the Phoenix/Scottsdale border bearing his name, will be canonized April 27.

CATHOLICS MATTER: Adela Gaxiola – Hunger for God steers immigrant toward Eucharist

Growing up in Chihuahua, Mexico, Adela Gaxiola longed to go to church, but her father wouldn’t allow it. “When anyone in the family spoke of God, he would get angry,” she said.

A life reclaimed: DIGNITY program transforms women who see selves as ‘throwaway’

An eighth anniversary isn’t a traditional milestone to mark. But every day away from the life of human trafficking, especially sex trafficking, is worth celebrating.

Q&A: Baseball legend Tommy Lasorda is Catholic to the core

Tommy Lasorda, the two-time World Series champion and two-time National League Manager of the Year, was in town to speak at Seton Catholic Preparatory in Chandler March 8 to benefit the school’s booster club and athletic program.

Parishioners lean on Scripture, each other to guide them through Lent

Catholics are now well into the holy season of Lent and challenging themselves to draw closer to Christ through prayer and action.

A walk with God: Youth prepare for ‘Camino de Santiago’ in Spain

For more than a thousand years, millions have made their way through the lush landscapes of France and Spain, traversing what’s known as the Camino de Santiago or the Way of St. James. This summer, a group of young people from St. Anne Parish in Gilbert is joining their ranks.

Pope Francis’ Game Plan; Part Four: Hear the Cry of the Poor

Pope Francis also hears their cry and has made service of the poor a top priority in his life and ministry. Repeatedly, since his election as pope, he has called for a Church of the poor, a Church for the poor. Let us see why pastoral concern for the poor is so important.