Pope prays for world’s suffering children on Christmas

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Those who recognize the Lord in the baby Jesus in the manger also should recognize his presence in children suffering today because of war, poverty and immigration, Pope Francis said.

Chaplain says 40 years with bowl-bound Badgers ‘a wonderful experience’

He believes a lot of the team's current success is due to the strong spirituality among the coaches and players, starting with the head coach, who is Catholic himself.

12 Days of Christmas – Part 1 [VIDEO]

Enjoy these video reflections from Fr. John Muir, host of Catholic Breakfast. There will be no countdowns to remember, but there will be comparisons of Valley coffee shops to popular Catholic saints.

Christmas proclaims hope, charity where fear reigns, pope says

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Christmas calls believers to see God’s presence where he is often perceived as absent, especially in the “unwelcomed visitor, often unrecognizable, who walks through our cities and our neighborhoods, who travels on our buses and knocks on our doors,” Pope Francis said.

Food for Thought: Pope Francis’ reflections on the Christmas Season

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — “Today, the Son of God is born, and everything changes,” Pope Francis said in a 2016 Christmas midnight Mass homily.

Fourth week calls us to await the revelation of Christ Incarnate

The faithful hear the Annunciation in the Gospel. Mary’s example of faith and obedience to God allow her to respond with her fiat.

Want more joy in your life? Here’s your recipe

There’s a grotto in Nazareth that marks the spot where the Angel Gabriel told Mary she would be the mother of Jesus. Think of it: Here she is, a young teenager engaged to be married, and she’s just found out she’s entrusted with carrying the Son of God in her womb!

Santa comes early for diocesan preschool classrooms

Sans the snow and eight tiny reindeer, Christmas came early for children attending the 29 preschools in the Diocese of Phoenix.

The foolish wisdom of the Three Wise Men

“I call them the three fools.” “What?” I said a little incredulously to Dr. Robbins. “Yeah, I call them the three fools. After all, who would leave everything that is safe and comfortable to travel in the darkness after a star merely because it promised something better?”

El regalo del Padre a la humanidad; el regalo de la humanidad al Padre

Al visitar a mi madre y estando de frente ante el nacimiento navideño que hemos puesto en su casa, me puse a meditar en las figurillas puestas ahí.