Pope wants annual audit of church’s safeguarding measures worldwide

Pope Francis asked his safeguarding commission to provide an annual audit of what the church is doing to protect minors and what needs to change, as well as to urge bishops' conferences to set up special "centers" where victims can be heard and find accompaniment toward "healing and justice."

The Matthew 19:14 Project provides funds for special needs students in Phoenix Catholic schools

These are a few examples of the sentiments of recent mini grant award recipients around the Diocese of Phoenix Catholic schools. The Matthew 19:14 Project (TMP) is a 501c3 non-profit organization in existence since 2020.

Continuity in particularity: Cardinal looks at Pope Francis, Benedict XVI

Between Pope Francis and retired Pope Benedict XVI, there is "continuity of magisterium and particularity in pastoral style," but even more, there is "a living communion of affection."

McCarrick report summary cites lack of serious investigations of rumors

Although dogged for years by rumors of sexual impropriety, Theodore E. McCarrick was able to rise up the Catholic hierarchical structure based on personal contacts, protestations of his innocence and a lack of church officials reporting and investigating accusations, according to the Vatican summary of its report on the matter.

Citing ‘humanitarian crisis,’ André House seeks Phoenix City Council approval to expand homeless outreach

André House feeds, clothes and shelters the homeless in downtown Phoenix. For two years, they have been seeking Phoenix City Council approval to expand the number of beds.

Vatican begins vaccinating residents of its homeless shelters

As the Vatican health service continued vaccinating Vatican residents and employees against COVID-19, it also began offering the vaccine to homeless people who live in Vatican-owned shelters.

Pope: Failure to remember Holocaust will lead world down same path

Remembering the Holocaust and its victims is not only an act of solidarity but also serves as a warning to humanity that such horrors could happen again, Pope Francis said.

Vietnam closes schools, ceremonies for Tet after COVID-19 variant spreads

Vietnamese dioceses called off some ceremonies planned for Tet, the Lunar New Year, after a new COVID-19 variant spread to more than 10 cities and provinces.

Catholic Charities’ adoption program gives children, couples shot at loving families

Nick used to come home to an empty, silent house each night. No wife or child to greet him. No sound at all except his own heartbeat. That all changed when he married Carrie and the couple adopted two baby girls.

Mars missions can inspire next generation scientists, papal astronomer says

As Perseverance, the latest probe on Mars, gears up to send to Earth high-definition images, video and audio of its surroundings, one papal astronomer said he hoped the fresh new discoveries will inspire future explorers.