Pope Francis has a special message for the Super Bowl

HOUSTON (CNA/EWTN News) — As the Patriots and the Falcons gear up for Super Bowl LI, Pope Francis sent a message to both players and viewers, saying the game is an opportunity to show solidarity and build virtue.

The last shall almost be first in diocesan spelling bee

From a scriptural beginning to a nearly Gospel conclusion in the final rounds, another diocesan spelling bee is in the books.

Red Mass homilist calls on lawyers, lawmakers to evangelize

An attorney-turned-priest and canon lawyer whose archdiocese has been a petitioner in bankruptcy gave the homily reminding Massgoers, "You work in a field in which virtue can be contagious and can contribute to an environment in which we can draw others to Christ."

Bishops call for ‘Encuentro’ to discern how best to serve U.S. Hispanics [VIDEOS]

At one time, Hispanic pastoral ministry in the United States meant offering resources in Spanish. While there is still a need to do so, there is a growing population of second- and third-generation Hispanics whose dominant language is English. It is the need to serve this emerging demographic that has led the U.S. Bishops to call for a two-year process known as the “V Encuentro,” the fifth such initiative done in the United States.

Community rejoices in seeing dirt fly at St. John Paul II High School groundbreaking

Families and community leaders were among those gathered on a windswept dirt lot Jan. 27 to witness the groundbreaking for the newest Catholic high school in the Diocese of Phoenix.

Bishops of the Arizona Catholic Conference Statement on Immigration and Refugee Executive Orders

In light of recent and expected federal executive orders, the Bishops of the Arizona Catholic Conference (ACC) reaffirm our commitment to accompanying and supporting the vulnerable in our society, including immigrants and refugees.

Catholic Schools Week returns Jan. 29

While Catholic Schools Week, observed this year Jan. 29 – Feb. 4, traditionally kicks off with open houses for prospective students that sandwich Sunday...

Parish patron’s ascension depicted in new mural at St. Steven

SUN LAKES — A church in the far-east corner of the Phoenix Diocese has undergone extensive renovation and part of the reworking includes a 22-foot ceiling mural depicting the parish patron, St. Steven.

Pro-lifers carve space for themselves at Women’s March

WASHINGTON (CNA/EWTN News) — Amid signs proclaiming “Keep Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries,” “#IstandWithPlannedParenthood”, and a host of other homemade posters ranging from the snarky to the explicit at the Women’s March on Washington, pro-life women staked a spot in support of women’s dignity — and against abortion.

Steve Zabilski: 20 years of serving ‘the common man’ at St. Vincent de Paul

“I don’t ever want to forget this organization is built by ordinary people,” said Steve Zabilski, who as of Jan. 6, marked 20 years as executive director of Phoenix’s Society of St. Vincent de Paul.