Returning moccasins, pope apologizes for church role in residential schools

The first step of Pope Francis' "penitential pilgrimage" to Canada involved him returning two pairs of children's moccasins.

Pope arrives in Canada focused on elders and on repentance

After a flight of more than 10 hours from Rome, Pope Francis landed in Edmonton and met briefly at the airport with Indigenous leaders, Canada's governor general and prime minister before heading to the local seminary for a rest.

Longtime youth minister offers suggestions to get teens excited about Mass

My cradle Catholic parents instilled in me the importance of going to Mass religiously (no pun intended) but were never able to articulate why we went, answering only "because we are Catholic and that is what good Catholics do."

After Dobbs, states focus on abortion laws, interstate travel for abortions

For the first time in some 50 years, states have an unprecedented opportunity to explore anew ways to regulate abortion services and at a time when some employer health insurance plans have already entered the fray.

Texas bishops call for immigration reform after migrant deaths in trailer

The Texas Catholic bishops urged immigration reform, saying it is necessary to prevent what happened to 53 migrants discovered dead and dying inside a trailer June 27 from happening again.

House bill to codify Roe is ‘unjust, extreme,’ say USCCB committee chairmen

The chairmen of two U.S. bishops' committees said a measure passed by the House July 15 is "the most unjust and extreme abortion on demand bill our nation has ever seen."

Building solidarity with the Church across Africa

When I ask Catholics to give to the U.S. bishops' Solidarity Fund for the Church in Africa, I can speak from my heart because I have seen what those gifts accomplish.

Listening to God’s word comes first; activity comes next, pope says

The Gospel story of the sisters Mary and Martha, one sitting at Jesus' feet and the other making sure their guest was served, is a lesson to Christians that every good deed done for others should flow from listening to God's word, Pope Francis said.

Pope describes Canada trip as ‘penitential pilgrimage’

Asking for prayers ahead of his visit to Canada July 24-29, Pope Francis described the trip as a "penitential pilgrimage" as part of a commitment to healing and reconciliation with the country's Indigenous people.

Indigenous priest shares practices that will be part of pope’s Canada trip

When Pope Francis travels to Canada to apologize to Indigenous communities for the way the Catholic Church joined efforts to uproot them from their traditional culture and spirituality, their traditions will be on full display.