Seton pair write award-winning letters

After reading something from the author, students wrote to them about how the work personally impacted them.

BOOKS: ‘The Hobbit Party’ — Authors explore Tolkein’s Catholic vision, Church’s social teaching

A few days before Christmas, the final installment of the screen adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit hit theaters. Not many people know that...

Collection reconciles faith and science

The conflict between science and religion, which we all hear about, is much like today’s politics — there’s nothing to it. If it were true that an irreconcilable conflict exists, we wouldn’t have Catholic priests like Copernicus (Sun at the center of the Solar System) and LeMaître (the Big Bang) discovering how the entire universe works.

BOOKS: ‘The Secret of the Lost Mountain’

Literary critics, the world over, write critiques and reviews of novels every day. Catholic novels are something different or we wouldn’t label them “Catholic.” We can suppose that such novels contain our particular set of beliefs and practices and we know that all Catholic novels teach some kind of lesson.

Books: ‘Wing Tip’: Sure to be a Catholic classic

buy college essays It’s a good bet that people always want to know the future to bolster their sense of certainty, especially in an uncertain...

BOOKS: ‘Christian Social Order’ — The authority of the Church’s teaching

With a deeper understanding of Church social doctrine and the willful act of putting away our useless pride, we can cease being Republicans or Democrats first and cease looking at the world only through a nationalistic lens.

Book explores complex balance between charitable acts, religious values

There is a close relationship between charitable action and philanthropy on the part of religious organizations, according to Thomas J. Davis, editor of "Religion in Philanthropic Organizations: Family, Friend, Foe?" But the philanthropy his book focuses upon aims principally at alleviating society's ills and making the world a better place. This might be done through caring for the sick, feeding and educating the poor, disaster relief, counseling families that suffer or aid for immigrants.

Author chronicles gradual loss of religion in American society in new book

I know, as Catholics, we like spiritual self-help books, saint biographies, devotional and even fiction works. Of the books I’ve reviewed, some were so good that I labeled them “The Book.” In the case of Kenneth Woodward’s new book, “Getting Religion: Faith, Culture, and Politics from the Age of Eisenhower to the Era of Obama,” it’s true, this is THE Book.

Priest author highlights contributions of priests in building Western civilization

If we watch the news, watch talk shows, or read the internet happenings, we find great, abiding cynicism, profound cynicism.

Love of reading, God and puppies leads to ‘pawsome’ achievement

Her second chapter book should be ready for "tween" readers this spring, particularly for those who enjoy dog characters.